Moving Tips

ABS Moving Tips

Make sure to start getting boxes early in the moving process.
Remember, heavy objects go in smaller boxes.
Do not not get oversized boxes.
Always secure box bottom well with good quality masking tape. Always tape boxes shut.
Use a black felt marker to label your boxes according to contents, on sides and top, this will save time when unpacking.

Draw a THICK arrow to indicate way up.
Remove light bulbs from lamps.

Decide what you are not going to take.
We always accumulate more things than we really need, therefore, start at least three weeks before the move. Think of having a garage sale. Deliver clothes to the second hand store.

Remember our mid month special!

Moving in the middle of the month can be cheaper with us.

When disassembling furniture, keep all nuts and bolts taped to it.
Use bubble wrap when packing fragile items, such as stereo systems, etc.

Reserve elevator and parking with anticipation if necessary.

Do not forget to send your change of address cards.
Ensure the cable, phone and utilities are disconnected and your final meter readings are taken.

Seventy five per cent of your packing should be finished a week before your move.
During the last week pack from least-to-most important.
Have all your packing done a day before your move.

At your new home, label your rooms, so our movers can quickly identify item destination.

Useful tips before moving

Start getting ready for moving a month before moving day!


Get boxes early


Tape nuts and bolts


Label your boxes


Change of address


Reserve elevator


Disconnect utilities


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