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Looking for a secure and convenient storage option?

ABS Movers & Storage provides storage services for whatever the need may be. Individuals with valuable items looking for secure storage solutions won't have to worry; all of our storage units are climate controlled to ensure that your belongings stay in peak condition. We also extend storage options for business owners looking for reliable storage units and secure access with individualized access codes and CCTV cameras. As convenience is paramount, we make sure to maintain storage units in prime locations so, they are easily accessible when needed, making it one less hassle to consider.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that all of your precious things will stay safe and sound at ABS Movers & Storage with customized protection services tailored to meet every need. Store files, documents, products, and other valuables with reliable service from one of the trusted names in the business.

ABS Storage provides a multiplicity of sizes, plus clean, secure spaces for our customers.

Located in Toronto our location is 451 Alliance Avenue (close to Rockcliffe Blvd., North of St Clair Avenue West)

We will be happy to pick-up and deliver your belongings for storage.

And remember, Whether you're moving across the street or across town, count on our movers to get your possessions there safely.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help make storing your valuable items quick and easy!

Toronto Storage Units FAQ

How much is a storage unit per month near me?

Nearby storage services are an excellent, convenient option for those needing additional storage space. The cost per month will depend on the size and type of storage unit you select; however, a wide variety of options are available to fit your specific needs and budget. The average storage unit rental price near me typically ranges from $50 to $200 per month, depending on size, location, and services offered at the storage facility. To find out more information regarding storage unit pricing near you, contact nearby storage services today and inquire about their various storage solutions.

Where can I store stuff in Toronto?

ABS Movers & Storage in Toronto is an ideal solution for those looking to store personal or commercial items. With world-class security and advanced digital monitoring, you can rest easy knowing that your possessions are safely stored away from the elements without the worry of theft or damage. ABS also offers pickup and delivery services at affordable rates, making it convenient to get your things to and from storage. Whether for temporary use or permanent storage - ABS Movers & Storage should be the first choice for anyone seeking out storage options in Toronto.

Rush Moves

This service is for the move that needs to be done the same day.

Last Minute

If you are moving in the next few hours we'll be there to serve you.

Emergency Moves

During unpredictable times we will help you move ASAP.

Mid Month Specials

Move during the middle of the month and we will give you a discount.