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When you’re looking for a company to help you move, look no further than ABS Movers & Storage, your trusted movers in Mississauga, ON. Over the years we have had many thousands of satisfied clients and as a consequence we get a high volume of return and referral customers.

Why Mississauga Trusts ABS Movers & Storage

At ABS Movers we take pride in offering dependable and budget-friendly services since 1988. We are dedicated to making sure the transition from one home to another is a smooth and effortless process so that our customers don’t have to break the bank when it comes to moving. Our team of professionals pays close attention to detail, ensuring that each item’s condition remains exactly the same from pick up to delivery. We take great care of your belongings as if they were our own; ABS Movers guarantee that every move will be managed safely, quickly, and efficiently.

Free Estimates and On-Demand Service

Our Mississauga moving company is available when you need us, and we are the best mover available if you need us on short notice. We actually specialize in last-minute services or when do you need a climate controlled storage unit. We offer free estimates so that you can decide whether you want us to pack your belongings before we move them or if you would like to pack them yourself. Whether you are moving across the street, across town, or even across the country, our rates and professional service simply cannot be beat.


Courtesy and Care

We understand that you care about your personal belongings, so when you hire our Mississauga moving company to pack and move your precious possessions, we will care for them as if they are our own. We will carefully wrap all of your breakables, cover your furniture with soft drapes, and even ensure that the screws, bolts, and other pieces of disassembled furniture are carefully placed and easy to find. This way, it is easier to enjoy your new start in a new home or office.

Commercial and Residential Services

Whether you need a moving company to help you with your small home or you need expertise for moving equipment out of several offices in your building, we have the experience it takes to get the job done right. Our expert employees will listen to your concerns and wishes before executing any task, and you can enjoy peace of mind when you leave the hard part of moving up to us.

Emergency Moves

We know that life can sometimes be unpredictable, so if you need to move in a hurry, we have you covered. We will send a team of expert movers to your home or office to quickly pack and move your belongings on an as-needed emergency basis. Free estimates are available based upon the size of your property and the amount of belongings, so please do not hesitate to contact us in any situation. We know that you have a large selection of Mississauga moving companies available to you, but here at ABS Movers, we strive to be the best mover in terms of courtesy, professionalism, promptness, efficiency, and affordability. Give us a call today and find out why our relocation services are the best in the area.

What We Do?

  1. We help you move your belongings from one place to another.
  2. We provide storage space for your belongings.
  3. We remove junk from your home or office.

Give us a call today at 416-588-1499 for a FREE quote. At ABS Movers, we make moving easy! 

The Leading Moving Company in Mississauga, ON

We can help with moves of all sizes and encourage you to contact our team to learn more about the available services. If you are trying to choose a moving company, there are several things to consider before making your move:

Safety and Security

Some people feel like it is a risk to bring in outside help to carry furniture and valuable items from your home, but hiring a moving company can actually increase the safety of your move.

Reputation and Reviews

  • If you find a lot of positive reviews online, it is a good indication that the company offers good service.
  • You can get a feel for a company by checking customer reviews and information on the Better Business Bureau website.

Cost and Value

Money is a big factor for many homeowners. If you are putting money into the new home, it might feel like an unnecessary expense to spend money on movers as well. How much will you spend on the moving company services?

  • When considering the costs of a move, be sure to ask about what services are included in the fees.
  • ABS Movers & Storage offers short-notice moving services, provide tips for moving day and the ability to reschedule your moving day.

Communication and Customer Service

  • Communication is one of the most important factors to consider when hiring a moving company.
  • If you are planning a big move, get an on-site estimate and make sure you have customer service information.

Trustworthiness and Attention to Detail

The best way to ensure the trustworthiness of a moving team is to choose movers that employ full-time movers instead of selecting a company that brings in temp workers.

Is it worth paying for packers and movers?

If you want to save time and effort then paying for packers and movers is your best decision. You can self-pack but it can possibly damage your items during the transport. If you are looking for professional packers and movers, ABS movers can safely pack your important belongings, even your fragile decorations and expensive furniture.

Movers Mississauga FAQs

  • Why are movers expensive?
    • The response is clear enough. Licensed movers provide high-quality services and quality comes at a price. The price, however, is not as big as you would expect, and the movers are not as expensive as you would think. Hiring a mover is worth every penny you pay.
  • Do movers move everything?
    • Full-service movers can do anything you need to do with your pass. This includes: the supply of all packaging materials and equipment. Full-service movers will provide everything you need to travel around, including moving supplies such as furniture blankets and extra padding.
  • How much does it cost to move an office?
    • You should plan to pay between $5,000 and $7,500 for a 5,000-sf office. Most moving companies would provide furniture assembly and disassembly at this cost; if your furniture is complicated to set up, you can budget to be on the higher side of the spectrum.
  • How much does it typically cost to hire movers?
    • The distance of your move will also affect the price because it increases mileage, wear on the vehicle, and the amount of hours the movers must work. Try contacting ABS Movers, where we guarantee top-notch service at a low cost.
  • What is a full service mover?
    • Full-service movers can manage every part of your relocation, from packing to unpacking, loading your belongings onto the truck, driving the truck to your new home, unloading your belongings, and placing them where you want them in your new home. This includes all packing of equipment and materials.

Discover Mississauga, ON

ABS Movers & Storage is proud to offer Mississauga, ON movers. If you call Mississauga your home, you can rely on our professional local Mississauga, ON movers that are trustworthy and on-time.

Never worry about spending too much on movers in Mississauga, ON again because in ABS Movers & Storage we make sure to provide the best moving service without sacrificing too much of your budget.