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Since 1988, Abs Movers has been the most trusted & reliable movers in Brampton, ON. Whether you’re moving across the street or across town, count on our movers to get your possessions there safely. We are the GTA’s preferred movers for homes and businesses. So, leave the worry of moving to us. We make your move easy, saving you time and money.

Why We Are the Best Movers in Brampton

Brampton has many movers, but ABS Movers & Storage is special. Our movers are very experienced and professional. They handle your stuff with care like it was their own. We also provide insurance for customers to be safe. Our equipment can move big or small things safely. And we always try to give our customers the best experience by offering good prices so they can stay within their budget. If you’re looking for the best movers in Brampton, ABS Movers is the best choice.

Free Estimates

Moving brings with it a number of financial burdens, so you should never be surprised with a huge bill from your moving company. Here at ABS Movers, we offer free estimates prior to getting started so that you will have an idea of what to expect. Although our prices are some of the lowest in the area, you can rest comfortably in the knowledge that we are completely trustworthy, dependable, and friendly.


We Care for Your Belongings

When you hire us to pack and/or unpack all of your items, we will treat them as if they were our own. We wrap all of your breakable items before carefully placing them into boxes, and we handle them delicately every step of the way. We use soft covers for your electronics and furniture, and we expertly move the largest furniture into and out of your home without a single scratch, scuff, or dent. We truly do care about you and your belongings, and that’s why we work so hard to protect them.

Home and Business Movers

We are available to help you whether you have a single studio apartment, a large two-story home with five bedrooms, an office building comprised of several sets of office furniture, or even a retail store with shelf after shelf of merchandise. Our employees have handled it all, and they can work efficiently to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Homes, offices, apartments, and even commercial settings are no problem for ABS Movers.

We Operate on Short Notice

If your life has taken an unexpected turn, or even if the friend who was supposed to help you move in a couple of days backs out, we can certainly help you. Our Brampton moving company specializes in short-notice appointments, and we are always willing to lend a hand. Emergency same-day services are available as well, so even if you think your situation is impossible, be sure to give us a call and find out what we can do for you.

How to prepare for professional packers and movers?

  • Remove clutter from surfaces.
  • Get rid of the stuff you don’t want to be moved.
  • Label items from which room they belong.
  • Mark expensive and fragile items’
  • Tour the packers and movers in your home.
  • Prepare snacks for the packers and movers.

More Reasons Why Brampton Trusts ABS Movers & Storage

  • Rush Moves
  • Last Minute Moves
  • Emergency Moves
  • Mid-Month Specials
  • Storage Units
  • Junk Removal


3 Steps You Should Know Before Hiring a Moving Company in Brampton, ON

Step #1: Learn about the Company

  • Don’t hire a moving company without researching its reputation online.
  • To make sure you’re hiring a good moving company, be sure to ask about their experience and licensing, as well as read customer reviews.

Step #2: Get a Quote

  • You should contact a moving company to ask for a free quote before choosing one.
  • The price for moving services can vary depending on the extra fees and service charges added on.

Step #3: Schedule Your Moving Day

  • To schedule the moving company, think of the day you need to be moved out and plan to be out before then.
  • Moving days are typically busiest at the end of the month, but you can save money by moving in the middle of the month.

Give us a call today at 416-588-1499 for a FREE quote.

Talk to the Best Moving Company in Brampton, ON

Here at ABS Movers & Storage, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to move into your new home. Whether you are planning a residential or office move, we can help! We have been in the moving business for many years, offering first-rate service and experience to get the job done right.

You are welcome to call us anytime to learn more about the services that we offer. We will gladly answer your questions and provide a free quote for your services. Our team has worked hard to develop a solid reputation in the industry, giving you access to trustworthy movers. We want to be sure that you are satisfied with the quality of services we provide for every move.

Are you ready to learn more? Talk to us at ABS Movers & Storage. Our office is located at 451 Alliance Ave York, ON M6N 2J1, Canada. You can call us anytime for details about the services that are available for your family: (416) 588-1499.

Brampton Movers FAQs

  • Do moving companies offer storage?
    • Most conventional moving companies do not provide storage, which is a major reason why people who need storage as part of their local move opt for portable moving containers. If local movers are offering storage, it can be costly. Learn more.
  • How do you pay movers?
    • Most reputable moving companies accept the majority of credit cards, money orders or bank checks, and some also operate with PayPal. Usually there is an initial fee (deposit) when you book your transfer and then when your goods are shipped, before the movers start unloading, you have to pay the rest. Learn more.
  • How do I find a mover?
    • Get referrals.
    • Watch out for red flags.
    • Make sure that mover is licensed and insured.
    • Check with the Better Business Bureau.
    • Ask about professional accreditation.
    • Verify the address.
    • Learn more.
  • How do I find cheap movers?
    • To begin, look for websites that list local moving companies. Then, visit a few reputable review websites. You can also depend on us to include a cost-effective moving plan tailored to your specific requirements while maintaining top-notch service quality.
  • Do movers disassemble beds?
    • Bed frames, dining tables, dressers, and other furniture will be assembled and disassembled by movers. You won’t have to think about disassembly or assembly since it’s usually a free service. Please contact us if you need additional details.
  • Do movers load boxes or furniture first?
    • There are several decisions to be taken before moving. There are certain choices you must make, and others must be made by your movers, such as whether to load the boxes and furniture together, or whether to move the furniture or the boxes first.

Discover Brampton, ON

ABS Movers & Storage is proud to offer Brampton, ON movers. If you call Brampton your home, you can rely on our professional local Brampton, ON movers that are trustworthy and on-time.

Never worry about spending too much on movers in Brampton, ON again because in ABS Movers & Storage we make sure to provide the best moving service without sacrificing too much of your budget.

Rush Moves

This service is for the move that needs to be done the same day.

Last Minute

If you are moving in the next few hours we’ll be there to serve you.

Emergency Moves

During unpredictable times we will help you move ASAP.

Mid Month Specials

Move during the middle of the month and we will give you a discount.