Your Pre-Moving Checklist

You have made all the right decisions; you have researched the right Woodridge, ON moving company and compared a few quotes. Your move is set with ABS Movers & Storage: in three months you will transition from your little apartment in Woodridge, ON, to a 3-bedroom home in the outskirts of Toronto!

For your benefit (and ours), we thought we would support you with a moving checklist to keep you on-track and organized. Check out this guide from our professional movers:

  1. Sort & Purge
    Not everything has to go with you. Ask yourself:
  • Do I like this?
  • Have I worn this in the past year?
  • Is this still a functional piece of furniture?
  • Will I ever fix/repurpose this item in order to use it in my new space?
  • Have I gotten my money’s worth from these items?
  • Will this work in my new space and layout?

These types of questions will help guide you in your packing process. Or, if you have selected to use our packing services in conjunction with your move, sorting and purging will help you to save money on unnecessary [paid] hours to the movers.

  1. Consider creating a “moving binder”
    Keeping track of your belongings, estimates, payments, timeline, and agreements just makes good sense. Print emails and write down dates and times in a manner which makes sense to you. A “moving binder” helps keep all your information in one spot. Further, you can add tabs to keep yourself on top of the process leading up to your moving day:
  • Tab: to donate
  • Tab: expensive items going on truck (take pictures to catalog condition pre-move)
  • Tab: estimates and contracts
  • Tab: payments
  • Tab: important dates (moving company arrival date, delivery date, storage dates, deposit and payment dates, final lease/new lease or mortgage payment dates, address change dates, etc.)
  • Tab: receipts
  1. Use it up!
    Use up whatever you can that you can not or will not be bringing with you. Example: perishable food. Think of this period of time before your move as a short season of culinary creativity… There is no sense in wasting food—attack your freezer and refrigerator with an open mind!
  2. Gather measurements
    This will come in handy for your moving company. You see, our movers need to know if there are tight spaces or oversized furniture. Further, consider your destination; will all your furniture fit? Measure the rooms if at all possible. You do not want to arrive at your new home to discover an item will not fit through the door or into the room you planned.
  3. Labels matter
    If you’re packing yourself, label. If not, be sure labeling is part of the packing process. Unpacking in your new home will go much, much more smoothly.

For more tips like these, give our team at ABS Movers & Storage a call! We look forward to guiding you through this exciting time!

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6 Biggest Moving Mistakes

How many times have you moved from one residence to another? For some, this life event is a yearly thing. The workload can span from loading the bed of a pickup truck and making 103 trips back and forth, to hiring professional movers to handle everything from packing and hauling and unloading. Obviously, we would all prefer the latter.

Here at ABS Movers & Storage, we want to help the residents of Woodbridge, ON, dodge moving mistakes and experience the smoothest transition possible during a big move. Check out what we deem to be the Top 6 Moving Mistakes to avoid!

  1. “Winging it”
    This mistake holds the top spot for what not to do. Even a simple move across town can quickly become a nightmare; moving takes advance planning. Simply put: there are too many potential consequences. Here are a few:
  • Unnecessary wear and tear on your body
  • Damage to your household goods without insurance protection
  • Unexpected fuel costs
  • Mis-estimated time
  • Lack of/unanticipated cancellations of manpower support from friends and family

The truth is, a DIY move is not as cheap as you may expect—costs and damages (to you, your home, or your belongings) can add up fast.

  1. Failing to get a proper estimate
    If you do decide to hire Woodbridge, ON movers, be sure you do your part to get a proper estimate. This means taking a thorough inventory of your belongings: dimensions, box count, value, mileage from the old to the new address, storage fees, access to properties, etc. A moving company relies on you to help them provide a preemptive quote.
  2. Forgoing insurance
    Oops—your mover clipped the wall with a box and left a dent that your soon-to-be previous landlord will want to have fixed! Insurance helps cover accidental damages. This is a must when using a moving company, or it will come out of your own pocket.
  3. Forgetting about the “non-movable items”
    Review your moving contract and be sure to ask about items which can not be handled by your professional mover. Often, items such as jewelry, important documents (marriage licenses, birth certificates), coin collections, firearms, grills, alcohol, and extra-fragile items can not—or should not—be handled by anyone else but
  4. Neglecting to clean
    Let’s be honest, there are probably countless items in your home you haven’t used—or even thought about—in years. Clean it up! You will be paying to pack and move everything in your home, so be sure you aren’t clinging to items that will cost you and add clutter to your new space.
  5. Ignoring the need for a survival kit
    This is especially important for long-distance moves. What will you need during travel time and immediately upon arrival at your new place? Toiletries, tools, your address book, scissors, pillows, pajamas, dog food, a can opener, toilet paper, and necessary medications should all be set aside for easy access during your move.

We hope this helps! And, should you be facing a move in the near future, we hope you’ll consider the team here at ABS Movers & Storage!

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Downsizing And How ABS Movers Can Help!

Downsizing is all the rage right now. There are tiny house movements on countless shows, channels, documentaries, and viral videos. Of course, a tiny house isn’t for everyone—but downsizing is worth considering for your next move. Even though having an enormous, spacious home may seem like a dreamy idea—what with the extra-large sofa you could fit or the additional storage space for your Christmas décor to live in—a large new home isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Check out these reasons to downsize for your next move:

You save money
A smaller house payment brings you more financial freedom. Ever heard the term “house poor?” This means that a homeowner lives in a property that drastically affects their disposable income for the worse. The mortgage, rent, and cost of repairs (when those come due) are devastating enough that funds feel “tight” on a regular basis. Imagine a monthly bill 40-50% less than what you currently pay—doesn’t that sound dreamy?

You save time
The bigger the house the bigger the chores. As my mother always said, “I never wanted a bigger house—I wouldn’t want to clean it!” True words. What would you do with the time you saved in less square footage to sweep, mop, vacuum, dust, etc.?

Less inventory
Often times, homeowners in Brampton, ON, looking to downsize worry about what to do with all of their stuff. Luckily, there’s a moving company nearby who can help with this! The professionals ABS Movers & Storage are skilled Brampton, ON movers that helps fellow residents move from home to home seamlessly. And, downsize when needed! How our team can help you downsize:

  • Junk removal: Whatever items you need to have removed from your home—big or small—our team will handle it for you. This service is fast and affordable and our team recycles whenever possible to be kind to the environment.
  • Storage services: Sometimes, there are items too important to hang onto, but there is or will soon be no space for them. At ABS, we will happily pack, ship, and store your items for you so you can live smaller, more comfortable, and clutter- free.

Less clutter, less house, less stress
A happy home is one where you feel most calm. Typically, clutter or “light” hoarding lends itself to a more chaotic vibe. In fact, there are medical articles written by reputable physicians and holistic experts who agree: less clutter actually boosts health and vitality. When our home lives are (or appear to be) disorganized and full of unnecessary clutter, our physical and mental well-being can be negatively affected. In many cases, people with disorderliness surrounding them feel less energetic and less efficient, which combine to make daily life feel burdensome. Fatigue, stress, and anxiety are all common physiological responses to an overwhelming home.

Don’t take our word for it; evaluate your own home and your next move. Do you want less stress and less space to keep up with? Whatever you choose for your next home—big or small—call ABS Movers & Storage; our team will get your belongings there safely!

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Budgeting Your Move in Brampton, ON

Moving in the next year? Whether you plan to move 12 km down the road into a small one-bedroom apartment or from Brampton, ON, to NYC with your whole family in tow, moving is expensive. It is no secret that moving adds up financially, very quickly. Movers, packing materials, a rental truck… It can be overwhelming. And, summer is the most popular season for moving—there is often a premium added based on demand!

Don’t be discouraged; ABS Movers & Storage wants to help you save money during your summer move. Here’s how:

Reduce your load
We all have items we no longer use but hang onto. Whether it is an old couch that’s far outlived its time and place in your home or clothes you never wear or boxes you haven’t opened since three moves ago, moving to a new place is the right time to begin sorting and evaluating what needs to come with you to your new home. What can you live with and what can/should you live without? The weight and/or floor-space of your load are usually big factors in determining the total cost of your move. Consider throwing away, selling, or donating the items you no longer have a use for. Chances are you stand to reduce your load by up to 40%. So, get to sorting!

Compare, compare… and, then, compare again.
While you budget for a summer move, take the time to compare moving companies. There’s a lot to look at: full-service movers, packing and unpacking, storage options, long-distance move options, junk removal, and the list goes on. Questions to ask:

  • Are movers paid by the hour?
  • What is included in different “packages?”
  • Are big furniture pieces possible (i.e.: grand piano or an extra-tall armoire)?
  • How long can items remain with the company before storage fees apply?
  • Do they service move across Canadian borders into the US?
  • Does the company offer emergency moves, military moves, next-day moves, etc.?
  • What are the insurance options to keep belongings safe?
  • Is there a difference in the rate at the beginning vs. mid-month?

Be prepared
Preparation is key to any significant life event; especially a move from one home to the next. If you have chosen to pack your own belonging, be sure to have this 100% completed before the day movers will arrive. Group heavy boxes with other heavy boxes and lighter boxes with other lighter boxes. Be sure to clearly label each box so unpacking will go quickly and smoothly. Also, fragile boxes/totes should be clearly marked. If you have chosen to have your belongings packed for you, be sure to take the appropriate time off work and other engagements to be fully present. Keep pets out of the way. Have all items you do not intend to move either sectioned off and out of the way or removed from your home prior to the movers’ arrival.

Our team hopes to be your trusted Brampton, Ontario moving company when the time comes. The ABS Movers & Storage staff is professional and skilled—we will treat your home and family with dignity and care from start to finish! Call us today!

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5 Tips To Prepare For The Big Move

Moving is an exciting life change, but it does come with its own unique set of stressors. You could be moving cross-country or cross-town and the fact remains: moving requires a lot of you. Without help, you are required to handle the planning, budgeting, equipment rental/purchasing, problem-solving, packing, insurance, storage arrangements, transportation, and logistics.

A professional moving company can be a BIG help.

ABS Movers & Storage wants to make life easier on you during one of the most exciting—and stressful—life changes. Whether you have made the decision to use a professional moving company in Oakville, Ontario for your next move or not, there are some very basic rules-of-thumb to getting you and your home ready. These 5 Tips to Prepare for the Big Move should help you out:

  1. Know what is and is not going with you
    What you intend to bring with you should be made clear. Also, some items cannot be moved with all moving companies, so be sure to ask about restrictions/added fees. If you have any of the following, be forthcoming about these and find out what details and restrictions may apply:
  • Some household chemicals
  • Paints and other liquids
  • Cash
  • Pets
  • Important papers
  • Photographs
  • Food
  • Medicine
  1. Who’s going to pack?
    Determine early on whether or not you intend to pack your belongings or if you prefer to have the professionals do this. If you decide to handle this portion of the moving process yourself, that’s perfectly fine! Just be sure you’re ready BEFORE the movers arrive (so as to avoid added fees) and be sure you employ the following:
  • Pad EVERYTHING with newspapers, bubble wrap, or blankets
  • Label each box according to the moving company’s instructions (this may include a description, room association, labels such as “heavy” or “fragile,” or your name)
  • Keep heavy boxes grouped together—this helps the movers in planning how to load the truck
  1. Financially protect your belongings
    Use either the moving company’s insurance (if you feel confident and comfortable with it) and/or contact your insurance company to add or review the protection you have on your possessions prior to packing and moving. This is too important. Do not skip seeking coverage for your things!
  2. Prepare your personal “go-bag” and first-night necessities
    Are you moving far away? Plan what you need in your personal vehicle to sustain you for your trip and first night in the new home! We suggest a small cooler with easy-to-eat-while-mobile goods:
  • Bottle water
  • Soda or sports drinks
  • Sandwiches
  • Apples or grapes
  • Energy bars
  1. Keep track of your stuff
    We suggest you make an itemized list of your possessions—including the type of item and quantity. Most moving companies will provide you a list to fill out. In addition, we have had clients who take pictures of their most important items to keep a record of the condition (in the case of family heirlooms and irreplaceable keepsakes)—this helps for insurance purposes.

We would love to alleviate your pre- and post- moving stressors! Give ABS Movers & Storage a call today!

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Preparing Your Home: Getting Ready For Your Professional Movers

Moving is a big deal and preparing for it is a real challenge. For some of us, moving comes all too often and for others, there is the One Great Move which brings us to our forever home. Regardless, no matter how many times we do it, the process of moving never seems to get much easier, does it?

There is an endless list of stressors leading up to Moving Day: Have we thought of everything? What do we need to take and what should we get rid of? Have we packaged our treasured items safely? Will our furniture be ok cross-country?

Sound familiar? Here at ABS Movers & Storage, we handle all types of moves and are the most reliable movers in Oakville, ON for families—big and small, short and long-distance. What’s more, we help you to think of everything! ABS has helped families with every kind of move you can think of.

Now, even if you do decide to hire professional movers, you still have a job to do to prepare for them. Check out these tips to ensure your move goes smoothly from start to finish:

Ask Questions!
This starts with your first meeting. You want to be sure to ask questions throughout the process. Not all moving companies have the same policies, and every family has a unique set of needs. Here are some sample questions:

  • What are the weight limits?
  • Are there any restricted items?
  • What paperwork is required?
  • What are “additional” charges and what are basic, inclusive fees?
  • How long can my things be stored?
  • How far is your move limit?
  • Do you service only intra-Canada or do you handle moves into the US?

Empty your fridge!
This seems like a no-brainer, but this is a good tip to help you not to waste groceries and money. When you are within that 2-month window of moving (or shorter, if your move is more sudden), begin planning your meals based on the food you already have. The less you have to take with you or throw away, the better. How do you do this? Here are some ideas from previous clients we’ve gathered:

  • Select an item (cream of mushroom soup, for example), and do an internet search of ideas to make with this item
  • Make casseroles
  • Make soups
  • Use salad dressings as marinade
  • Prepare cold salads made of frozen veggies, pasta, and dressings/mayo/yogurt and spices

Photograph your belongings
It’s important you know the condition of your items before movers take over. This will help; in the rare event something is damaged.

Categorized “junk”
Choose professional movers who handle “junk.” Examples of junk are your old, worn out, inoperable items you know are unworthy of donating or selling. Here at ABS, we will take these off your hands and dispose of them properly, so you don’t have to.

Need more tips? Give our team a call. Our professional movers want to make this part of your life easy; leave the burden of moving to ABS Movers & Storage!

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The Things You Learn From Moving Day

Shouldn’t one of life’s inevitabilities be more tolerable? Moving never seems to go the way we plan, does it? You order boxes “enough for a two-bedroom apartment” and halfway through the packing process, you’re out of boxes—and you only have a ONE-BEDROOM apartment. Or, you get a few friends and family members to agree to help load a self-serve/operated moving truck on a certain date and, lo and behold EVERYONE is collectively sick and/or unavoidably busy. Or, you throw out your back, transforming from an able-bodied 30-something to an instant 80-something in the blink of an eye.

Who can relate?

You’ll learn a lot over a lifetime of moves and you may wish you would have over your pride and enlisted ABS Movers & Storage to handle your Mississauga, ON, moves for you a lot sooner!

First, you live in Canada
Have you ever moved in the snow? Not ideal. And also, not typical. But, it happens—especially if you sign enough 18-month leases. At some point, you are bound to move from one place to another in a blizzard or something. And no one volunteers to help you in those cases. If they do, you’ll never hear the end of it!

Injuries are a very real possibility
Or likelihood, in many cases. Inevitably, you might think you can move your stuff without a dolly or gloves or any real core support. By day #2 of loading a self-serve moving truck (yes, day #2—friends and family are sick and/or unavoidably busy, remember? Do you always forget to “lift with your legs?” You stoop to pick up boxes and BAM! You find myself on the Bengay 2-Week Plan.

So many unforeseen costs
Try estimating your distance and fuel for the self-serve moving truck accurately. You have to be a mathematical wizard to determine a solid estimate, within the ballpark of the final charges, before the final invoice. What’s more, you have to buy more boxes than you ever imagined, packing material, and tape. And, if you enlist help, you’re obligated to buy gifts (or risk your loved ones asking you for help when they move next). Then, when you find out you’ve mistakenly reserved a self- serve moving truck that’s too small, you get to make multiple trips, pay for extra fuel and distance, etc. It adds up…fast!

You have so much stuff
Let’s be clear, even if you don’t hoard, you always discover (during the moving process) that you have so much stuff you don’t need or want any longer. That means you need to bag donation items, throw things away and put a whole process into effect. If you hired professionals, they would have remove the junk for you.

Hopefully, it will be a while before you move again. One thing is for sure, though: You need ABS Movers & Storage to assist with your next move, storage, and/or junk removal. Are you thinking about hiring a dedicated moving company in Mississauga, ON? Don’t make the same mistakes—your wallet, your sanity, and your health depend on you to turn to ABS! Give us a call today; our team wants to hear from you!

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Why Choose ABS Movers & Storage?

Chances are, if you are reading this article, you are moving in the next year or so. Feels like impending doom, doesn’t it? Ah, moving—the dreaded and necessary evil we all face a time of two.

So, have you laid out your plan to get everything from your current residence to the new one? Moving is stressful! On average, moving is detested by the masses. Why? Many reasons… It’s expensive…time consuming…and hard work! Moving takes a toll on the family the longer the process takes to unfold.

Moving is not a DIY project—you do not want to “do it yourself.” Take it from us at ABS Movers & Storage, when it comes to hiring reliable Mississauga, Ontario movers, you need professionals! Here are four reasons you should choose ABS for your next move:

  1. We can handle your toughest move
    We know things come up. There’s no need to stress over your next move. ABS handles:
  • Last-minute moving: moving today? We have you covered.
  • Emergency moving: Need to be out of your residence in the next few hours? We have you covered.
  • Next-day moving: just as it sounds—need to move tomorrow? We have you covered.
  • Advance booking: good ole fashioned planning ahead. We have you covered.
  1. Junk removal
    Look around; how many items in your current home would you prefer to leave behind? Are you ready to get rid of that worn out living room set so you can purchase the sofa of your dreams? What about those broken appliances and old clothing not good enough to donate? Whether you are clearing out the attic, storage closet or garage, ABS is your trusted junk removal solution here in Mississauga, ON. We are fast and affordable—no junk removal job is too big or too small.
  2. Storage services
    Moves don’t always go easily from Point A to Point B in the same week. Sometimes, your family might even experience an “in-between” time of hotel stays, staying with friends, or travel when the moving dates don’t align. ABS Storage provides a collection of storage sizes, plus clean, secure spaces for our customers. Our team would be happy to pick-up and deliver your belongings for storage!
  3. Family is everything
    ABS is a family-owned and operated company. We believe our customers should always have affordable options and we work very hard to ensure you never have to pay more than is necessary. Everything is up front, concise, and clearly defined—together—so you know just what to expect. After all, we want you to feel as though you are part of the family!
  4. The proof is in our work
    We are customer-oriented and driven to make your move as seamless as possible. We want your experience with our team to be efficient, productive, pleasant, stress-free, and on-time. This is our goal every time, with every move—no exceptions. Need more than just our word? Check out the positive testimonials from our recent and past customers.

Need more reasons to choose ABS Movers & Storage? Give our team a call—we’d love to meet with you!

Which Moving Company To Choose?

Imagine you have found your dream home and plan to move very soon. So exciting! There’s so much to do and organize to make this pending move happen—do you know where to start?

Consider a professional moving company and focus on what really matters: your day-to-day life, your family, and your career. Let someone else take care of the rest!

At ABS Movers & Storage, we have you covered. But don’t take our word for it; call around, ask your questions. We would suggest the following six questions to help guide you to the right moving company:

  1. Do you give binding quotes?
    A binding quote is an “unmovable” one. In general, quotes given (especially over the phone or prior to seeing your items in person) are not binding—they’re general guidelines. For example, the size of one 4-bedroom house can vary greatly from another—it is in nobody’s best interest to give a binding quote too soon. Often times, moving companies will give a “not to exceed” to protect and secure your business.
  2. Does the quote include extra charges?
    What are “extra charges?” Here are some examples:
  • Long carry charges: when a mover has to carry goods from the moving truck to the residence over a long distance. Typically, there is a limit of space between the end of the truck and the entry to the new residence that is deemed acceptable by the moving company. When this space limit is exceeded, an additional charge is accrued (due to the additional work provided).
  • Parking charges: typical in densely populated areas where the mover has to pay to park or obtain a parking pass.
  • Awkward/heavy objects: this needs to be mentioned up front—do you have a piano or some other large, oddly shaped, heavy object?
  • Storage-in-transit: charged if and when your goods need to be stored before being moved to the new home.
  1. Will my items be transferred en-route?
    Long distance moves require items to be transferred, at times, to another truck. This extra handling does increase the chances for damage. Transferring items is not an inherently bad practice—but if this is to happen with your belongings, you need to ask about the details and assurances.
  2. What forms of payment are acceptable and on what terms?
    A word to the wise: do not pay in cash. For anything, ever. With movers, it’s important to understand the amount due upon delivery versus the deposit amount, and whether any or all of the deposit is refundable.
  3. What if something is broken or stolen—who’s responsible?
    This is all wrapped into questions regarding insurance and liability. Discuss basic coverage and damage coverage and get specifications in writing that outline the limitations and coverage and definitions of responsibility.
  4. What type of packing services do you offer?
    This is an important question to ask because it will help you plan and prepare for your move as well as set parameters around responsibility. Ask about full and/or partial packing services, packing materials, box sizes, protective wrap, etc.

Ready to hire a moving company in Etobicoke, Ontario? Give ABS Movers & Storage a call!

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Moving Stinks—Find The Right Movers in Etobicoke, ON

Moving stinks. Most homeowners will agree—moving is absolutely the WORST. Luckily, our team at ABS Movers & Storage can make it easier for you.

Want to avoid moving? We can understand why… Here are the top reasons you should avoid moving yourself and let the professionals help:

The house hunt/condo hunt
No matter how thrilling in the beginning and how exciting HGTV portrays it to be—the house hunt stinks. Home buying is a tedious, stressful process.

Canceling, transferring, and re-pricing! The process of changing over the utilities is cumbersome and often means new deposits or fees… Or both.

Packing. PACKING.
Is there anything worse? We all assume packing will be an easy process: group like items, throw out and donate items for which you no longer have a use, and be sure to package breakables safely. This is the ideal, but not reality. Reality is that packing begins easily, like with items that are easily grouped… But then, time and nerves wear thin and items begin to make less and less sense in groups and the house quickly spins into stressful, alarming levels of disarray.

This goes hand-in-hand with the reason packing yourself—without professional assistance and materials—is the worst. You look around at your belongings, all tucked away and orderly, and think, this will be no problem. I’m not a hoarder; there isn’t too much to do… WRONG. You have a ton of stuff. You have more stuff than you thought. In fact, you have so much stuff, you are afraid this new residence won’t house your stuff by the time everything is moved.

Emotional reminiscing
Deep in the depths of your closets is memory lane, waiting to delay your moving process. Before you know it, you’ve wasted hours and days emotionally reminiscing.

You have absolutely NO idea how to disassemble some of your furniture
IKEA fans, anyone? Some furniture cannot be easily moved fully assembled because it’s oversized or oddly shaped or easy to break while intact. No one wants to disassemble their furniture and reassemble the 1,087 pieces by memory. No one. But sometimes, it must be done.

Nothing ever fits through the door
How did this couch ever make it into this home? Did we BUILD this armoire inside? Surely it never fit through any door in THIS house… When it comes to moving day, doors seem to shrink and large items become enormous.

Moving injuries
Wouldn’t you rather leave the back-breaking labor to someone else? Moving is rough on the body. Cuts, bruises, pulled muscles—it’s no fun and it’s not worth it.  

Friends? Do we have friends?
Moving takes teamwork; the more hands, the faster the process. But it is not always easy to enlist help. Isn’t it funny how friends seem scarce during the moving process? That’s because they aren’t being paid! They have full-time jobs, children, functions to attend, and yardwork—they’re busy. Truth be told, enlisting help is inefficient, anyway. You have to navigate schedules, feelings, and time constraints beyond your own.

Want to the avoid the hassle of moving? Let ABS Movers & Storage do it for you. We’re one the trusted movers in Etobicoke, ON and we got what it takes to handle your home or office move. Contact us today!

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