The Things You Learn From Moving Day

Shouldn’t one of life’s inevitabilities be more tolerable? Moving never seems to go the way we plan, does it? You order boxes “enough for a two-bedroom apartment” and halfway through the packing process, you’re out of boxes—and you only have a ONE-BEDROOM apartment. Or, you get a few friends and family members to agree to help load a self-serve/operated moving truck on a certain date and, lo and behold EVERYONE is collectively sick and/or unavoidably busy. Or, you throw out your back, transforming from an able-bodied 30-something to an instant 80-something in the blink of an eye.

Who can relate?

You’ll learn a lot over a lifetime of moves and you may wish you would have over your pride and enlisted ABS Movers & Storage to handle your Mississauga, ON, moves for you a lot sooner!

First, you live in Canada
Have you ever moved in the snow? Not ideal. And also, not typical. But, it happens—especially if you sign enough 18-month leases. At some point, you are bound to move from one place to another in a blizzard or something. And no one volunteers to help you in those cases. If they do, you’ll never hear the end of it!

Injuries are a very real possibility
Or likelihood, in many cases. Inevitably, you might think you can move your stuff without a dolly or gloves or any real core support. By day #2 of loading a self-serve moving truck (yes, day #2—friends and family are sick and/or unavoidably busy, remember? Do you always forget to “lift with your legs?” You stoop to pick up boxes and BAM! You find myself on the Bengay 2-Week Plan.

So many unforeseen costs
Try estimating your distance and fuel for the self-serve moving truck accurately. You have to be a mathematical wizard to determine a solid estimate, within the ballpark of the final charges, before the final invoice. What’s more, you have to buy more boxes than you ever imagined, packing material, and tape. And, if you enlist help, you’re obligated to buy gifts (or risk your loved ones asking you for help when they move next). Then, when you find out you’ve mistakenly reserved a self- serve moving truck that’s too small, you get to make multiple trips, pay for extra fuel and distance, etc. It adds up…fast!

You have so much stuff
Let’s be clear, even if you don’t hoard, you always discover (during the moving process) that you have so much stuff you don’t need or want any longer. That means you need to bag donation items, throw things away and put a whole process into effect. If you hired professionals, they would have remove the junk for you.

Hopefully, it will be a while before you move again. One thing is for sure, though: You need ABS Movers & Storage to assist with your next move, storage, and/or junk removal. Are you thinking about hiring a dedicated moving company in Mississauga, ON? Don’t make the same mistakes—your wallet, your sanity, and your health depend on you to turn to ABS! Give us a call today; our team wants to hear from you!

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Why Choose ABS Movers & Storage?

Chances are, if you are reading this article, you are moving in the next year or so. Feels like impending doom, doesn’t it? Ah, moving—the dreaded and necessary evil we all face a time of two.

So, have you laid out your plan to get everything from your current residence to the new one? Moving is stressful! On average, moving is detested by the masses. Why? Many reasons… It’s expensive…time consuming…and hard work! Moving takes a toll on the family the longer the process takes to unfold.

Moving is not a DIY project—you do not want to “do it yourself.” Take it from us at ABS Movers & Storage, when it comes to hiring reliable Mississauga, Ontario movers, you need professionals! Here are four reasons you should choose ABS for your next move:

  1. We can handle your toughest move
    We know things come up. There’s no need to stress over your next move. ABS handles:
  • Last-minute moving: moving today? We have you covered.
  • Emergency moving: Need to be out of your residence in the next few hours? We have you covered.
  • Next-day moving: just as it sounds—need to move tomorrow? We have you covered.
  • Advance booking: good ole fashioned planning ahead. We have you covered.
  1. Junk removal
    Look around; how many items in your current home would you prefer to leave behind? Are you ready to get rid of that worn out living room set so you can purchase the sofa of your dreams? What about those broken appliances and old clothing not good enough to donate? Whether you are clearing out the attic, storage closet or garage, ABS is your trusted junk removal solution here in Mississauga, ON. We are fast and affordable—no junk removal job is too big or too small.
  2. Storage services
    Moves don’t always go easily from Point A to Point B in the same week. Sometimes, your family might even experience an “in-between” time of hotel stays, staying with friends, or travel when the moving dates don’t align. ABS Storage provides a collection of storage sizes, plus clean, secure spaces for our customers. Our team would be happy to pick-up and deliver your belongings for storage!
  3. Family is everything
    ABS is a family-owned and operated company. We believe our customers should always have affordable options and we work very hard to ensure you never have to pay more than is necessary. Everything is up front, concise, and clearly defined—together—so you know just what to expect. After all, we want you to feel as though you are part of the family!
  4. The proof is in our work
    We are customer-oriented and driven to make your move as seamless as possible. We want your experience with our team to be efficient, productive, pleasant, stress-free, and on-time. This is our goal every time, with every move—no exceptions. Need more than just our word? Check out the positive testimonials from our recent and past customers.

Need more reasons to choose ABS Movers & Storage? Give our team a call—we’d love to meet with you!

Which Moving Company To Choose?

Imagine you have found your dream home and plan to move very soon. So exciting! There’s so much to do and organize to make this pending move happen—do you know where to start?

Consider a professional moving company and focus on what really matters: your day-to-day life, your family, and your career. Let someone else take care of the rest!

At ABS Movers & Storage, we have you covered. But don’t take our word for it; call around, ask your questions. We would suggest the following six questions to help guide you to the right moving company:

  1. Do you give binding quotes?
    A binding quote is an “unmovable” one. In general, quotes given (especially over the phone or prior to seeing your items in person) are not binding—they’re general guidelines. For example, the size of one 4-bedroom house can vary greatly from another—it is in nobody’s best interest to give a binding quote too soon. Often times, moving companies will give a “not to exceed” to protect and secure your business.
  2. Does the quote include extra charges?
    What are “extra charges?” Here are some examples:
  • Long carry charges: when a mover has to carry goods from the moving truck to the residence over a long distance. Typically, there is a limit of space between the end of the truck and the entry to the new residence that is deemed acceptable by the moving company. When this space limit is exceeded, an additional charge is accrued (due to the additional work provided).
  • Parking charges: typical in densely populated areas where the mover has to pay to park or obtain a parking pass.
  • Awkward/heavy objects: this needs to be mentioned up front—do you have a piano or some other large, oddly shaped, heavy object?
  • Storage-in-transit: charged if and when your goods need to be stored before being moved to the new home.
  1. Will my items be transferred en-route?
    Long distance moves require items to be transferred, at times, to another truck. This extra handling does increase the chances for damage. Transferring items is not an inherently bad practice—but if this is to happen with your belongings, you need to ask about the details and assurances.
  2. What forms of payment are acceptable and on what terms?
    A word to the wise: do not pay in cash. For anything, ever. With movers, it’s important to understand the amount due upon delivery versus the deposit amount, and whether any or all of the deposit is refundable.
  3. What if something is broken or stolen—who’s responsible?
    This is all wrapped into questions regarding insurance and liability. Discuss basic coverage and damage coverage and get specifications in writing that outline the limitations and coverage and definitions of responsibility.
  4. What type of packing services do you offer?
    This is an important question to ask because it will help you plan and prepare for your move as well as set parameters around responsibility. Ask about full and/or partial packing services, packing materials, box sizes, protective wrap, etc.

Ready to hire a moving company in Etobicoke, Ontario? Give ABS Movers & Storage a call!

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Moving Stinks—Find The Right Movers in Etobicoke, ON

Moving stinks. Most homeowners will agree—moving is absolutely the WORST. Luckily, our team at ABS Movers & Storage can make it easier for you.

Want to avoid moving? We can understand why… Here are the top reasons you should avoid moving yourself and let the professionals help:

The house hunt/condo hunt
No matter how thrilling in the beginning and how exciting HGTV portrays it to be—the house hunt stinks. Home buying is a tedious, stressful process.

Canceling, transferring, and re-pricing! The process of changing over the utilities is cumbersome and often means new deposits or fees… Or both.

Packing. PACKING.
Is there anything worse? We all assume packing will be an easy process: group like items, throw out and donate items for which you no longer have a use, and be sure to package breakables safely. This is the ideal, but not reality. Reality is that packing begins easily, like with items that are easily grouped… But then, time and nerves wear thin and items begin to make less and less sense in groups and the house quickly spins into stressful, alarming levels of disarray.

This goes hand-in-hand with the reason packing yourself—without professional assistance and materials—is the worst. You look around at your belongings, all tucked away and orderly, and think, this will be no problem. I’m not a hoarder; there isn’t too much to do… WRONG. You have a ton of stuff. You have more stuff than you thought. In fact, you have so much stuff, you are afraid this new residence won’t house your stuff by the time everything is moved.

Emotional reminiscing
Deep in the depths of your closets is memory lane, waiting to delay your moving process. Before you know it, you’ve wasted hours and days emotionally reminiscing.

You have absolutely NO idea how to disassemble some of your furniture
IKEA fans, anyone? Some furniture cannot be easily moved fully assembled because it’s oversized or oddly shaped or easy to break while intact. No one wants to disassemble their furniture and reassemble the 1,087 pieces by memory. No one. But sometimes, it must be done.

Nothing ever fits through the door
How did this couch ever make it into this home? Did we BUILD this armoire inside? Surely it never fit through any door in THIS house… When it comes to moving day, doors seem to shrink and large items become enormous.

Moving injuries
Wouldn’t you rather leave the back-breaking labor to someone else? Moving is rough on the body. Cuts, bruises, pulled muscles—it’s no fun and it’s not worth it.  

Friends? Do we have friends?
Moving takes teamwork; the more hands, the faster the process. But it is not always easy to enlist help. Isn’t it funny how friends seem scarce during the moving process? That’s because they aren’t being paid! They have full-time jobs, children, functions to attend, and yardwork—they’re busy. Truth be told, enlisting help is inefficient, anyway. You have to navigate schedules, feelings, and time constraints beyond your own.

Want to the avoid the hassle of moving? Let ABS Movers & Storage do it for you. We’re one the trusted movers in Etobicoke, ON and we got what it takes to handle your home or office move. Contact us today!

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FAQs About Moving in Caledon, ON

We all know it: moving stinks. It’s a tedious process of packing, labeling, and lost sleep. The movers here at ABS Movers & Storage have spent nearly 30 years serving the Caledon, ON, area and its residents’ moving needs. Over the years, we’ve answered a LOT of questions. It’s no surprise choosing a professional moving company in Caledon, ON invites a list of questions a mile long. We are, after all, being trusted with your entire life of belongings to move from one home to another!

Let us ease your mind! Moving is a big deal and you should be informed about what to expect! Check out these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), answered for you by our esteemed and seasoned professional movers at ABS Movers & Storage.

When is the best time to move?
Well, most know the summer is the busiest time of the year—especially here in Caledon, ON; our winters are quite harsh and present less-than-favorable conditions for moving. Moves during the winter are doable, but with added disadvantages for sure. The most common timeframe for moves is between May 15 – September 15.

How do I select a moving company?
Ask around and do some research. Poke around the company website and customer reviews. Also, always double-check the BBB for ratings.

Can I move my plants?
Typically, plants do not survive the dark, hot conditions of the inside of a truck or the shifting a load may experience.

How do I prepare for moving day?
There’s a lot to balance and you want to be ready when your movers arrive!

  • Make sure to collect boxes or totes early in the process so you do not find yourself scrambling before moving day.
  • Remember: heavy objects go in smaller boxes.
  • Do NOT get oversized boxes; they’re harder to lift and transport.
  • Ensure the bottoms of all packed boxes are secure with QUALITY masking tape.
  • Always tape boxes shut when completely packed.
  • LABEL, LABEL, LABEL—contents and/or originating room with “fragile” on the breakables.
  • Draw a thick arrow to indicate which way is up (if important not to tip).
  • Remove light bulbs from lamps
  • Use this time to discard or give away items you no longer want, need, or use.
  • Keep all screws, nuts, bolts, and nails together when you’ve unassembled a piece of furniture (plastic baggies with labels work perfectly!)
  • Reserve elevator or parking space if needed.
  • Have 75% of the packing completed by 1 week out from Moving Day.
  • Have the remainder completed before moving day.
  • At the new home, label the rooms to make things smoother.

How soon is too soon to contact companies for quotes?
Really, once you know for sure you’re moving and/or have a date set, it’s time to call for an estimate.

More questions? Give our team a call! We want to put your mind at ease and alleviate the burden of your next move. Let ABS Movers & Storage handle your next move and see how a streamlined, stress-free process feels!

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A Short Guide: How I Choose A Great Caledon, ON Moving Company

With the weather warming and the summer months pending, it’s the high season for moving. Unfortunately, this also means the season for fake or terrible relocation companies to swing into gear. Did you know that the Better Business Bureau (BBB) fields tens of thousands of complaints against movers on a yearly basis—why? Because it’s easy! It is so easy, in fact, that almost any guy with a truck and a website can con people into believing he’s part of a legitimate moving service.

It’s no wonder people are skeptical of movers and opt to take time off work, spend money on a moving truck, solicit helps from family and friends, and do the backbreaking work themselves. Who can you trust? We understand! But the right Caledon, ON movers for you are located right here in the locality.

Whether you have to move soon or a few months down the road, this little list of rules will lead you straight to ABS Movers & Storage, and you’ll be grateful that it did!

  1. All movers are NOT the same
    Not by a long shot. If you’ve moved as many times as most adults, you’ll know: some movers are top-of-the-line while others are utter nightmares. Research your options, check the BBB for complaints and resolutions and get a cost estimate to compare with others.
  2. Keep watch for the classic warning signs
    Many people learn this the hard way. Here are some signs that almost always point to trouble:
  • A required large deposit upfront
  • Their truck is a rental and/or doesn’t have the company name on it
  • Their address can’t be cross-checked online or on their website
  • They don’t have a website
  • Specific information regarding their license or insurance is unavailable when requested
  • They answer the phone as “movers” or something generic which doesn’t include the company name
  • People you know and trust warn you against them
  • They have complaints lodged against them with the BBB
  • They are a brand new company—this doesn’t always mean something bad, but you’re better off choosing an established mover
  • The prices seem too low/too good to be true
  1. Plan ahead of time
    Of course, you don’t always have this luxury during a quick move, but even if your move is coming up fast, ABS Movers & Storage is here to help! In general, however, it’s important to plan ahead when possible. This will prevent you from making impulsive or unsupported decisions. When you’re crunched for time, it’s too easy to ignore warning signs and pay too much.

While every move is stressful to some degree, it should never feel overwhelming and overly time-consuming. Call ABS Movers & Storage. You’ll never use another mover again! If you have to move in the future, you’ll have a dependable, go-to option!

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The Right Moving Company in Toronto, ON: A Guide

Each year, there are thousands and thousands of complaints regarding moving companies in Canada and the United States. Thousands! Most of these complaints stem from lost or damaged property, charging for un-worked hours, and the disregard for timeliness and estimates. No wonder people suffer through moves themselves, even though it is among the most detested tasks in modern-day “adulting.”

Really, isn’t moving day stressful enough without having to worry about your belongings being mistreated or stolen? The answer is yes—moving day is stressful enough!

Our team wants to lessen the stress for you and guide you through a vetting process for potential moving companies here in the Toronto, ON, area. Don’t worry; it’s not difficult to avoid the stinkers… You just have to know what to look out for! Follow this guide, created especially for you by the professionals at ABS Movers & Storage:

Verify the address
This is one of the simplest steps you can take to ensure you aren’t hiring a shady, no-good moving company with poor intentions. Ask for a business card and be sure to pull up the moving company’s website. Note—the moving company should have a website…it’s 2017. Whatever you do, just make sure the company’s address is listed and registered under a company name—not a residential one.

Check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Researching a moving company’s track record with the BBB is simple and free online. Not listed? Consider using one that is. ABS Movers & Storage is listed and proudly holds an A+ rating. Check us out here.

Be on the lookout for Red Flags
There’s no reason a company should ask for a cash deposit upfront. If the mover seems impatient to get money in the beginning, be careful; it might not be a legit business. Also, there should be no reason for pressure to choose their company. Their work, references, and tenure as a moving company should solidify their continued business—not manipulation tactics. Take notice of their employee’s demeanor. Are they professional? Do they seem sure of their abilities? Are they warm and open to answering your questions? They should be.

Get referrals from people you know
Everyone has moved. But not everyone has had success with a professional moving company (unfortunately). Ask around and find out who in your circle of friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances have used a local moving company and ask them their likes, dislikes, expenditure, and any other details they have.

ABS Movers & Storage is a family-owned and operated company that has been serving the GTA for decades. We pride ourselves on low rates and high-quality service. It is our firm belief that a customer should never have to pay more than necessary and we work hard to make our services affordable. Our first priority is to move your personal belongings safely, quickly, and efficiently. We hope to earn your trust and your business and become your trusted Toronto, ON moving company for years to come!

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Preparing your Office for the Big Move

Whether you’re upscaling, downscaling, or simply moving your business to a new location everyone knows plenty of wrong ways to get it done. At ABS Movers & Storage Ltd, we’ve heard it all from clients who tried the wrong way first. Because we value your time, and as experienced office movers we think it’s critical to be efficient and organized. Continue reading

Choosing The Right Movers in Toronto, ON—In 5 Easy Steps

“I hate moving.” – Anyone who has ever moved without the assistance of a professional mover

The whole process of moving is dreadful, in common opinion. Wouldn’t you agree? Packing always starts off strong with categorized, labeled boxes, great packing tape precision, and useful packing materials to cushion fragile items… And then it spirals downward: various boxes of “miscellaneous” items that have no grouping or feasible future storage location, items thrown angrily together without order. What’s more, the self-serve moving truck is never the right size, the borrowed dolly your neighbor let you borrow ends up being more of a pain than a help, friends suddenly have “plans” on the scheduled moving weekend, nothing fits correctly, and all the shifting and sliding that goes on in the truck creates a chaotic unloading process.

It’s stressful just to write about it; which, is exactly why our team at ABS Movers & Storage wants to help you find the best company for the job. Take it from us—these 5 easy steps will help you actually look forward to your move!

Scanning the internet for companies is daunting. Ask around instead! Your coworkers, friends, family, and neighbors have likely had some experience with a local mover in Toronto. Get their feedback on their experiences.

Step #2: RULE OF 3s
It’s important you get a few estimates before choosing your movers. It’s rarely a good idea to choose the first estimate you receive without comparing it to at least two other companies.

You know a Red Flag when you see one. Trust your gut! For example, most reputable companies won’t accept a cash deposit before your move. Does the contact you’re working with seem to be too eager for your business or too pushy for payment? If so, move on immediately. A professional moving company in Toronto will own its own equipment—there should not be a rented van or a requirement for you to provide anything.

These are your valuables you are entrusting to someone else’s care. Accidents happen, yes—but special training and licensing help to mitigate that and the company’s insurance needs to cover damages in the rare event something happens to your property.

These days, there are so many resources at our fingertips. See what others have to say about their experience with a company. Look at:

  • com
  • Google Reviews
  • Company website testimonials

Why choose ABS Movers & Storage:
We’ve been serving the Toronto and GTA since 1988; we love what we do and we ensure our clients are well taken care of. To make someone’s moving experience easier and less stressful—whether it’s across town or across the street—is our pleasure. We specialize in:

  • Last-minute moves
  • Emergency moves
  • Big and small moves

So, when is your next move? Let ABS Movers & Storage take care of it for you! Give us a call!

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