A Short Guide: How I Choose A Great Caledon, ON Moving Company

With the weather warming and the summer months pending, it’s the high season for moving. Unfortunately, this also means the season for fake or terrible relocation companies to swing into gear. Did you know that the Better Business Bureau (BBB) fields tens of thousands of complaints against movers on a yearly basis—why? Because it’s easy! It is so easy, in fact, that almost any guy with a truck and a website can con people into believing he’s part of a legitimate moving service.

It’s no wonder people are skeptical of movers and opt to take time off work, spend money on a moving truck, solicit helps from family and friends, and do the backbreaking work themselves. Who can you trust? We understand! But the right Caledon, ON movers for you are located right here in the locality.

Whether you have to move soon or a few months down the road, this little list of rules will lead you straight to ABS Movers & Storage, and you’ll be grateful that it did!

  1. All movers are NOT the same
    Not by a long shot. If you’ve moved as many times as most adults, you’ll know: some movers are top-of-the-line while others are utter nightmares. Research your options, check the BBB for complaints and resolutions and get a cost estimate to compare with others.
  2. Keep watch for the classic warning signs
    Many people learn this the hard way. Here are some signs that almost always point to trouble:
  • A required large deposit upfront
  • Their truck is a rental and/or doesn’t have the company name on it
  • Their address can’t be cross-checked online or on their website
  • They don’t have a website
  • Specific information regarding their license or insurance is unavailable when requested
  • They answer the phone as “movers” or something generic which doesn’t include the company name
  • People you know and trust warn you against them
  • They have complaints lodged against them with the BBB
  • They are a brand new company—this doesn’t always mean something bad, but you’re better off choosing an established mover
  • The prices seem too low/too good to be true
  1. Plan ahead of time
    Of course, you don’t always have this luxury during a quick move, but even if your move is coming up fast, ABS Movers & Storage is here to help! In general, however, it’s important to plan ahead when possible. This will prevent you from making impulsive or unsupported decisions. When you’re crunched for time, it’s too easy to ignore warning signs and pay too much.

While every move is stressful to some degree, it should never feel overwhelming and overly time-consuming. Call ABS Movers & Storage. You’ll never use another mover again! If you have to move in the future, you’ll have a dependable, go-to option!

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The Right Moving Company in Toronto, ON: A Guide

Each year, there are thousands and thousands of complaints regarding moving companies in Canada and the United States. Thousands! Most of these complaints stem from lost or damaged property, charging for un-worked hours, and the disregard for timeliness and estimates. No wonder people suffer through moves themselves, even though it is among the most detested tasks in modern-day “adulting.”

Really, isn’t moving day stressful enough without having to worry about your belongings being mistreated or stolen? The answer is yes—moving day is stressful enough!

Our team wants to lessen the stress for you and guide you through a vetting process for potential moving companies here in the Toronto, ON, area. Don’t worry; it’s not difficult to avoid the stinkers… You just have to know what to look out for! Follow this guide, created especially for you by the professionals at ABS Movers & Storage:

Verify the address
This is one of the simplest steps you can take to ensure you aren’t hiring a shady, no-good moving company with poor intentions. Ask for a business card and be sure to pull up the moving company’s website. Note—the moving company should have a website…it’s 2017. Whatever you do, just make sure the company’s address is listed and registered under a company name—not a residential one.

Check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Researching a moving company’s track record with the BBB is simple and free online. Not listed? Consider using one that is. ABS Movers & Storage is listed and proudly holds an A+ rating. Check us out here.

Be on the lookout for Red Flags
There’s no reason a company should ask for a cash deposit upfront. If the mover seems impatient to get money in the beginning, be careful; it might not be a legit business. Also, there should be no reason for pressure to choose their company. Their work, references, and tenure as a moving company should solidify their continued business—not manipulation tactics. Take notice of their employee’s demeanor. Are they professional? Do they seem sure of their abilities? Are they warm and open to answering your questions? They should be.

Get referrals from people you know
Everyone has moved. But not everyone has had success with a professional moving company (unfortunately). Ask around and find out who in your circle of friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances have used a local moving company and ask them their likes, dislikes, expenditure, and any other details they have.

ABS Movers & Storage is a family-owned and operated company that has been serving the GTA for decades. We pride ourselves on low rates and high-quality service. It is our firm belief that a customer should never have to pay more than necessary and we work hard to make our services affordable. Our first priority is to move your personal belongings safely, quickly, and efficiently. We hope to earn your trust and your business and become your trusted Toronto, ON moving company for years to come!

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Preparing your Office for the Big Move

Whether you’re upscaling, downscaling, or simply moving your business to a new location everyone knows plenty of wrong ways to get it done. At ABS Movers & Storage Ltd, we’ve heard it all from clients who tried the wrong way first. Because we value your time, and as experienced office movers we think it’s critical to be efficient and organized. Continue reading

Choosing The Right Movers in Toronto, ON—In 5 Easy Steps

“I hate moving.” – Anyone who has ever moved without the assistance of a professional mover

The whole process of moving is dreadful, in common opinion. Wouldn’t you agree? Packing always starts off strong with categorized, labeled boxes, great packing tape precision, and useful packing materials to cushion fragile items… And then it spirals downward: various boxes of “miscellaneous” items that have no grouping or feasible future storage location, items thrown angrily together without order. What’s more, the self-serve moving truck is never the right size, the borrowed dolly your neighbor let you borrow ends up being more of a pain than a help, friends suddenly have “plans” on the scheduled moving weekend, nothing fits correctly, and all the shifting and sliding that goes on in the truck creates a chaotic unloading process.

It’s stressful just to write about it; which, is exactly why our team at ABS Movers & Storage wants to help you find the best company for the job. Take it from us—these 5 easy steps will help you actually look forward to your move!

Scanning the internet for companies is daunting. Ask around instead! Your coworkers, friends, family, and neighbors have likely had some experience with a local mover in Toronto. Get their feedback on their experiences.

Step #2: RULE OF 3s
It’s important you get a few estimates before choosing your movers. It’s rarely a good idea to choose the first estimate you receive without comparing it to at least two other companies.

You know a Red Flag when you see one. Trust your gut! For example, most reputable companies won’t accept a cash deposit before your move. Does the contact you’re working with seem to be too eager for your business or too pushy for payment? If so, move on immediately. A professional moving company in Toronto will own its own equipment—there should not be a rented van or a requirement for you to provide anything.

These are your valuables you are entrusting to someone else’s care. Accidents happen, yes—but special training and licensing help to mitigate that and the company’s insurance needs to cover damages in the rare event something happens to your property.

These days, there are so many resources at our fingertips. See what others have to say about their experience with a company. Look at:

  • com
  • Google Reviews
  • Company website testimonials

Why choose ABS Movers & Storage:
We’ve been serving the Toronto and GTA since 1988; we love what we do and we ensure our clients are well taken care of. To make someone’s moving experience easier and less stressful—whether it’s across town or across the street—is our pleasure. We specialize in:

  • Last-minute moves
  • Emergency moves
  • Big and small moves

So, when is your next move? Let ABS Movers & Storage take care of it for you! Give us a call!

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