You have decided to move out of your ‘rents house, have you? Congrats! Moving out and into your very first place in or near Oakville, ON, (or wherever you may live!) is a HUGE deal, and very exciting. The next few weeks or months leading up to your move will require a heavy dose of careful planning and serious “adulting.” So, the team here at ABS Movers & Storage wants to help you make a successful move in 5 easy steps!

Step #1: Keep communication lines open with your parents
I know it’s exciting to be inching near total independence but remember: seeing you go is a tough step for them. Even if they’re excited and encouraging—you’re their baby. Be sure to regard them in each step, ask for help, let them know you still need them in your life, and be sensitive to their emotions.

Step #2: Start saving money NOW
You will discover quickly that surprises somehow just happen when you’re out there in the world of adulting. 10% (or more) of everything you earn should go into a savings account for expenses/emergencies in the future. Further, if you haven’t already come up with your down payment or security deposit, make a realistic savings plan ASAP, so you’re ready when the time comes. Here are a few tips to help you get there:

  • Go out to eat half as often as you usually do
  • Trim unnecessary spending (salon, gym membership, shopping for wants instead of needs, etc.)
  • Sell items you don’t need on social media or a local consignment store
  • Travel less
  • Carpool with coworkers, if possible

Step #3: Develop a doable moving plan
Remember your parents? Ask their advice. They’ve moved more often than you have, so they probably have valuable guidance to give you. Establish a goal date for moving—you do not have to stick to this (unless you’ve signed a lease already, of course), but it’ll help you stay on track. Decide the following:

  • Will you use a moving company in Oakville, ON?
  • Do you need to buy new furniture or are there pieces you’ll be taking with you from home?
  • Should you pack your own boxes of items or will professional movers handle that for you?
  • What items will you leave behind or give away?
  • If you aren’t hiring a moving company, which friends and/or family members will you enlist for assistance?

Step #4: Set up utilities
There’s nothing worse than not having electricity or heat/air conditioning upon moving day because this little detail was overlooked. Believe me—people forget this detail. Don’t overlook this step! You’ll want to schedule service one to two weeks prior to moving, to be sure all is “on” when you arrive.

Step #5: Change your address
Don’t let your parents be responsible for your parcels. You’re independent, now!

When the time comes, give ABS Movers & Storage a call! Our professionals specialize in big, small, near, and far moves. We’d be delighted to assist you during this exciting step in your life!

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Considering moving? It’s an exciting time! But there are many aspects to moving, whether it is a far distance or just across the neighborhood, which can add a layer of stressful planning to your plate. Many people move for a new job, a new school, a new love, or a growing family. Some are drawn to the allure of relocating to a new location and fresh start… Whatever your reason, this is an exciting time and you deserve to be prepared and thrilled about your next chapter!

Unfortunately, moving is not always the most enjoyable experience; procrastination gets the best of us at times and then, before we know it, we’re scrambling to get ourselves packed and moved! Here in Oakville, ON, the ABS Movers & Storage team has a few pointers to get you going in the right direction (before you find yourself scrambling!). Regardless of the reason you feel drawn to a new space to call home, you’ll need to ask yourself a few questions before you go! Read on!

  1. How will you make your money?
    You may be surprised just how many people think they’ll “find something” for work quickly, once they move to a new area. Now, if you’re moving just across town, this is a non-issue. But, if you plan to change jobs based on a move, have something lined up before you take the plunge. If this isn’t possible, it would be wise to save up four months of savings to coast your bills and groceries until you’re employed, again.
  2. How long do you plan to live in this new city?
    You should have some idea of how long you plan to live in your soon-to-be new city. Do you plan to live there for a few months? A few years? Forever? How long you intend to live in the new space will impact the way you plan and the amount of time you spend packing. For example, if you are planning on a short-term stay, perhaps you don’t need to hire movers or pack much at all—you can rent a furnished apartment.
  3. Why do you want to move?
    There is a “why” behind every decision people make—what’s yours? Adventure? Savings? Fresh start? Downsizing? Once you know why you want to move, choosing the items you’ll pack or sell/giveaway is a breeze.
  4. Can you afford to move?
    Don’t neglect to take a true inventory of your finances: can you afford to move? Some expenses to consider:
  • Travel (by air or car or both)
  • Cost for movers
  • Packaging material
  • Apartment deposits or closing fees
  1. Do you need to hire professional movers?
    Only you know what you can handle yourself and what you need help with. Consider the hidden costs of moving your own belongings (fuel, rental truck, packaging material, multiple trips, etc.) and compare that total to a reputable moving company in your area!

If you’re excited to move and need some assistance, ABS Movers & Storage can be your go-to movers in Oakville, ON. We’d love to show you a smooth, stress-free, affordable move for your next adventure!

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Downsizing into a smaller space is a very common practice these days. People want to live more and work less! One way to do that is to have less living costs—i.e.: smaller living space. Taking this plunge can be really exciting, but a bit overwhelming.

Take Mississauga, ON, for example (my hometown). There are all sorts of living spaces for people with different “space” needs. When I chose to downsize to a smaller space last year, I transitioned from a 3-bedroom house to a studio apartment. It was a big change.

Personally, this decision mostly had to do with my finances. Spending more than 60% of my income on my house seemed silly to me. Further, I hate chores (and smaller spaces require a LOT less of that!). Moving into a studio apartment was my way to save money—and it has panned-out very well.

Shortly after I booked my moving day with ABS Movers & Storage—a local moving company based in Toronto that has handled every move of mine, flawlessly—I began researching online about how I could possibly funnel my life and my belongings into a studio apartment before the movers arrived. Here are a few tips I followed that really helped me out:

  1. Measure the new studio space
    I needed to do this for a couple reasons. For starters, I discovered a couple pieces of my furniture were not going to fit in my new space. I’m glad I figured that out before moving day; why pay to move items you can’t keep? And, secondly, I was able to give the measurements to ABS and get their advice on how many boxes of “stuff” would likely fit in the new studio.
  2. Assess the space
    The studio I moved into has built-ins everywhere, cabinets, extra storage space, and shelves nearly to the ceiling. This helped me to know there would definitely be space for my trinkets and books. But, not all studios include as much storage space—you need to know that so you do not find yourself paying the moving company for belongings you can’t fit.
  3. Declutter and get rid of stuff
    I’m not a hoarder, but I do tend to tie sentiment to inanimate objects. So, I sympathize if this tip is a tough one for you. Here’s what I did: I created two working sections in my home which included a “to keep” pile and a “donate or toss” pile. With every item I touched, I asked myself the same question: how long since I’ve worn/used/looked at this? If I could not honestly say “as recently as within the last six months”—the item was thrown in the “donate or toss” pile. If it had been worn/used/looked at in six months or less—I kept it. Of course, if it wouldn’t fit in the new space or was a duplicate of something else, it was immediately categorized as a donation/toss, too.

In less than a month, I was ready for ABS Movers & Storage to get me into my new place. If you’re looking to move  (whether you’re downsizing or not) and would plan to hire a trusted mover in Mississauga, ON, I would highly recommend their team!

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Here at ABS Movers & Storage, we specialize in making people’s lives a bit easier during one of life’s least enjoyable experiences: moving. And, since we have been in the moving industry since 1988, we have heard our fair share of nightmare moving experiences from clients who have switched to using our company (after being taken advantage of by others). That said, booking your move with the wrong movers is, unfortunately, an easy mistake to make—so we would like to help you to avoid that. Of course, we hope you end up working with us here in Mississauga, ON; regardless, check out these warning signs that should help you steer clear of the “wrong” movers:

  1. They haven’t been around long
    This doesn’t necessarily mean they are a “bad” moving company to be sure to avoid—but how can you know? If the company has not been around long, there are few sources to check to see what type of rapport and work ethic they have.
  2. They do not have a website
    Again, this does not mean all companies without websites for you to browse are But, in 2017, most well-established companies have well-established websites. Consider that, before moving forward.
  3. They will not give you a written quote
    There should be some paper trail, for your protection and for the company. Often times moving companies will want to visit your residence before giving a written quote. This is for accuracy and fleshing-out mitigating circumstances (steep hill to climb to home, narrow passageways/doorways, special items (like antiques or pianos), etc. Other companies will ask you a series of questions regarding your property, belongings, and dimensions to determine a quote. Either is fine! But, do yourself a favor: get it in writing.
  4. They are unavailable—a LOT
    If you find yourself calling and calling without a return call—move on. There is no reason you should have to work hard for someone to want your
  5. They are disorganized
    Your move should be as seamless as possible. An organized mover will do the following

– return your calls

– set an appointment/appointments—and keep them

– create a quote for you, timely

– instruct you on what to do prior to “moving day”

– document your belongings/show you how to document your belongings

– enlist the proper number of movers to get your home package/loaded in one day or less

– give you a realistic set of expectations for the move

  1. They are rude to you
    You are the customer—no one should be rude to you. This is non-negotiable.

We hope you never have to deal with a less-than-satisfactory moving company. Beware of these warning signs, and you should never have to! If you live in Mississauga, ON, or the GTA, consider us as your reliable movers in Mississauga, ON for your next move. We would love to show you what a smooth move really feels like!

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Everyone has an opinion about something these days, right? Me, too. Usually, I do not feel the need to broadcast mine—but I recently had a wonderful experience when I expected the exact opposite; so, I wanted to share.

I have moved many times, all over the Toronto, ON, area. My most recent move to Etobicoke was the most fluid experience of my life. And, I know it was because finally, I did it the right way and worked with the best, most professional moving company in the area: ABS Movers & Storage.

What set them apart for me? A lot. For starters, their website caught my eye (for your reference: It is well organized and informative. I was able to figure out—from the comfort of my own home while sitting on my couch in the middle of the night—that they provide a plethora of services:

  • Last -minute moves: This didn’t apply to my move, but it certainly has in the past. I wish I had been using ABS all along.
  • Emergency moves: Before reviewing ABS, it never occurred to me that an emergency move could be needed. I’m glad I know, in case I’m ever in a situation that requires me to pack up quickly and move.
  • Big or small moves: Oh, boy—my move to Etobicoke was a big one.
  • Advance booking: I’m a planner. This worked out for me.
  • Residential moves: Self-explanatory.
  • Office moves: For those of you business owners!
  • Next-day moves: Again, I am a planner—but for those of you out there who are not planners…
  • Storage services: ABS provides many options for storing your belongings in clean, secure spaces.
  • Junk removal: I had so much furniture I didn’t want to take with me—ABS took it and made my life easier.

Beyond their services, I found tips, testimonials, and an easy get-a-quote link. One of ABS’ team members called me the next morning in response to my quote request and made me feel completely valued. Naturally, I had a lot of questions (you see, I’ve used other moving companies in the past and there were a few experiences I did not want to repeat). He answered everything I asked without making me feel rushed in any way. I set up a pre-packing visit to firm-up our quote. We touched base again a week before the move, then again the day before.

On moving day, the team was right on time (actually, they were 15 minutes early!). Everything went so smoothly. I was needed a couple times to label boxes and add a few items to the inventory sheet—and that was virtually all I had to do the whole day, while I watched them pack and swiftly move my belongings to the truck.

The unload was even faster and just as seamless. Unpacking was easier than ever—because I labeled every box (per their suggestion).

Of course, I still do not love moving—but working with ABS Movers & Storage is as close to “loving” it as I have ever been! For a trusted and reliable moving company in Toronto, ON, give them a call!

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Have you ever used a moving company? It’s surprising to me how many people can answer “no” to this. Moving is the worst without professional movers handling the brunt of the work. Although, not all moving companies are worth the money needed and I am certain there are countless individuals who have had bad experiences that left them jaded.

Here’s the thing: use professional movers. Even if you have never used professional movers before, give it a try. Or, if you have, but they were horrible, consider reconsidering with ABS Movers & Storage. Our team is exceptional and affordable.

Now, if you are a skeptic, let me just dispel a few things. We will NOT:

  • Mislead you
  • Oversell to you
  • Make you feel like “a number” instead of a real person
  • Overcharge you
  • Be careless with your freight
  • Practice dishonesty

So, what will ABS do for you? First, we will honor your wishes and aim to make your move as smooth as possible. Should you choose to work with our professionals, here are the things you can expect from us:

  • Straightforward quotes, given in writing. If a professional mover can not give you a written quote, this could be a red flag. Of course, there may be a preliminary quote over the phone or online—but, before you move, you will want an in-home meet for a written quote. This protects you (and the company) from any surprises that could affect the cost.
  • Helpful staff and helpful tools. You can’t have a successful move without experienced staff and working equipment, right? Moving trucks and other pieces of equipment need to be maintained and well taken care of. Here at ABS, we take pride in providing just this!
  • Readily available information about our company. A quality moving company like ABS will have available information about the company, customer testimonials, contact information, a list of services for you to browse, etc. The website should be easy to navigate and informational—this shows a level of commitment to customer service that you deserve.
  • A proven rapport. This is a bit difficult to measure. Here’s what you should look for:
    • How long has the company been in business? The longer, the better. Longevity in business shows a proven “name” within the community. ABS has been a trusted mover since 1988.
    • What are other people saying? How did they feel their move went?
    • Surely you know people in the Etobicoke and Toronto area who’ve used professional movers—did they use ABS? Another company? Why and what was their experience? Find out.
    • Your gut feeling. Everything will boil down to how you feel when you interact with the staff. Pick up the phone and see which companies give you “good vibes.”

So, when is your next move? If you need a reliable moving company in Etobicoke, ON—give our team here at ABS Movers & Storage a call!

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It is safe to assume that if you are reading this article, you’re looking for ways to ensure you experience with a moving company goes as smoothly as possible. We know, moving can add gray hair to any head if handled improperly. Here at ABS Movers & Storage, we want to simplify your life and earn your business. Your sanity and satisfaction are our aim and we bring years and years of experience to the table to make sure your move with us is the best experience you’ve had to-date.

How? Versatility, customer service, and impeccable training. Our company is not comprised of a group of college kids with a high employee turnover rate. This is our profession. Moving you, your family, and you neighbors (the residents of Vaughan, Caledon, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Woodbridge, Markham, Richmond Hill, Toronto, ON and surrounding areas) is our passion! That’s right—passion. It is our mission to provide fairly priced, honest solutions for all types of moves and needs:

  1. Rush moves
  2. Last minute moves
  3. Emergency moves
  4. Commercial and residential
  5. Storage units
  6. Junk removal

So, before you decide on the right moving company for you and your family—we thought we’d provide you the “Golden Rules” to a successful, stress-free move. Keep reading!

RULE #1: Ask a lot of questions
No question is stupid. Ask it. In fact, ask questions throughout the process. The bottom line is that you need to be comfortable with all the answers you receive. Here are some examples to keep your wheels turning:

  1. What kind of insurance does your company provide to protect my home, family, and belongings?
  2. How long has your company been in business? Note: the longer, the more time they’ve had to prove themselves within your community.
  3. Do you hire day labor/temps or do your professionals work for you directly?
  4. What kind of dispute settlement program is offered, in the event there is an accident or issue?
  5. What are the various costs associated with different services (packing, lifting, special items, distance, etc.)?
  6. What type of estimate and agreement will you provide prior to payment in full?

RULE #2: Protect yourself and your home
This is a vastly encompassing rule. Think of this as a filter from which you need to operate during the entire process. Protecting yourself looks like:

  1. Receiving an in-home estimate.
  2. Confirming the movers will bring mats or plastic to protect your floors from tracked dirt while they load and unload.
  3. Confirming insurance for your belongings and agreeing to the terms.
  4. Setting appropriate times for you or a family member to be present while the movers are in your home.
  5. Taking inventory of your belongings which includes pictures of expensive or invaluable property.
  6. Discussing insurance with your own provider to cover items which may not be included in the moving company’s insurance.

Pretty simple, right? Follow these 2 Rules from our professionals here at ABS Movers & Storage and you’ll find you’ve never had a more successful move! Give our team a call when it’s time to start packing—we’d love to be your trusted go-to movers in Caledon, ON.

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One of my most painful growing-up experiences happened 18 years ago. I was pretty young and about to move into my second apartment in Caledon, ON. I had moved once a year prior, with a trailer and the help of a few close friends; I knew I didn’t want to suffer through that again. You see, I lived on the fourth floor and neither the elevator nor the stairwell was helpful when my best friend and I struggled with my furniture.

I decided I was grown enough to hire professional movers. I picked the first option at the top of my Google search and submitted a deposit after a short conversation with the guy on the other end of the phone line. He seemed pretty cool and agreed to the rate I said I could pay.

That should’ve been a red flag.

Over the next few weeks, I packed my bags and played phone-tag with the movers. They gave me a big window timeframe for their arrival: sometime between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. on a given Saturday.

That should’ve been another red flag.

They arrived on the correct day but showed up close to 7 p.m. The two guys were pretty disinterested in me and took a lot of smoke breaks. They were also rather rough with my boxes and left a few marks on my walls near the doorway. The front door kept slamming shut and they tracked mud everywhere throughout my apartment. I distinctly remember thinking, shouldn’t they protect my flooring? But, I was too timid to say anything about it.

Red flags everywhere.

As it turned out—most of my belongings made it to the new apartment unscathed. Most. I had some broken dishware and picture frames, but the company refused to reimburse me for this. I was upset, but felt helpless and didn’t feel I had much standing to fight—after all, I did pack my apartment myself.

But, that’s not the life-lesson part. The life-lesson came when my old apartment came after me financially for the damages incurred by the movers. My bill included more than I could afford:

–  Damaged flooring—spot repairs, charged to me.
–  Damaged carpet—they were charging me to replace it, entirely.
–  Damaged walls—they were charging me to fix and re-paint every wall.
–  Damaged walls in the stairwell between the floors—charging me for six

My red flags had turned into a very expensive, very serious expense. But, I had zero recourse with the company I’d chosen to move me from one apartment to another. Why? I had failed to sign a good contract, opt for insurance, or do any real vetting process for good movers. I’ve learned the following: insurance is important. I nearly sank under financial ruin in the year following this experience.

Since then, I have moved many more times, following a meticulous vetting process. Now, I recommend only the best to everyone I know: ABS Movers & Storage. Your belongings could not be handled by a more trustworthy moving company in Caledon, ON. Believe me—I have learned!

ABS Movers & Storage | 17 Dora Ave Toronto, ON M6H 1J5 | (416) 588-1499

Why Your Moving Company’s Estimate Is So Important

There are a few “first steps” to take when vetting a moving company to handle your Toronto, ON, move and our team here at ABS Movers & Storage wants you to know exactly what to look for. Most importantly, however, we want you to understand the value of obtaining a moving estimate. For some of you reading this, this may sound like common sense—but there are plenty of new-to-the-moving-thing individuals out there who could use a few pointers.

First and foremost…
Obviously, you want to ask for recommendations from people you know and trust; they’ll steer you in a good direction and have personal stories to share. Further, when you jump online to search moving companies, be sure to check out their website for testimonies as well as sites like Yelp for customer reviews.

Do NOT consider every company…
Know how to weed out the losers from the contenders. For example, a company should be willing and capable of offering you a free on-site moving estimate. If not—do not waste your time! A company which agrees to an on-site estimate is the company that will give you the most accurate assessment—which allows you to plan much more effectively. Here are 4 benefits of an on-site quote:

  1. Mitigating unrealistic expectations: Many do not realize just how much stuff they truly have until the move is well underway. Can you relate?
  2. Pricing the cost of specialty items: For example, a dining room table can become a “specialty item” if it has a glass top. A piano or a valuable antique fall under this description as well…
  3. Additional charges: Extra time, extra distance, extra packing material, extra-large items, extra weight, storage fees, etc.—these can add up. You want to foresee these, together, during your in-home estimate.
  4. Building and land layout: Being on-site gives movers relevant info about the building layout and terrain. This includes long walkways, uphill climbs, elevators, narrow hallways, etc.

Now, for the estimate…
Beyond preliminary research, one of the most vital steps you can take is to receive an estimate from a few different moving companies. Why more than one company? Because unless you have a magical gifting which tells you exactly how much a move should cost, obtaining at least three estimates will give you a baseline from which to work. Your multiple estimates should be used to gauge the approximate cost of your pending move and help you to determine which Toronto, ON moving company you are most comfortable with. Remember the following:

  • The most expensive option is not necessarily the best one—or the worst. Try to find out why they are more expensive. Did they include services in the quote you don’t need?
  • The cheapest option is not necessarily the worst one—or the best. Dig into their services—are they quoting you everything you require? Do they carry very weak insurance? Ask.
  • The flashiest company is not always the most trust-worthy. Do your research. Trust your gut.

No one likes negative financial surprises, right? Stick to these tips and you’re in for a pleasant moving experience. We hope you choose ABS Movers & Storage for your next move!

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Don’t Trust Just Anyone With Your Move…

Moving is stressful enough without accidentally choosing shady movers. Most of us would agree: moving is one of life’s most trying and least fun events. Logistically speaking, the process of moving all of your stuff from Point A to Point B can easily become a deflating, up-hill battle. Considering that choosing the right neighborhood, the right schools for your children, and the right rent are all very important—choosing a mover can easily become an afterthought. Don’t fall into this oversight! The movers you choose will either make for a smooth move or for a terrible nightmare.

On that note, I’d like to share a story with you about a woman I met a few years back. She came to our team for help, here at ABS Movers & Storage in Toronto, ON, and shared an experience she had with another company that made her a lifetime friend of ABS.

We’ll call this lady “Ann.”

Ann found out the hard way that not all professional movers are created equal. She moved here from Brampton and the crew she hired (with this other company) was a mess. First, the quote she was given on the phone was drastically different than the original. Second, they were late on moving day by five hours (without communication)—which delayed her schedule. The kicker: they needed help unloading her belongings at her new residence in Toronto; an apartment, on the third floor (no elevator). This was her nightmare come true: soliciting assistance from her brand-new neighbors.

Can you imagine? Hopefully, not. Three years later, she was ready to take planning for her next move seriously; thus, she found ABS. Here are the 3 things she learned from her previous, nightmare experience:

  1. Ask to see the company’s licensure
    Believe it or not—the company Ann used was licensed. But, it was expired. Scary, right? Check. Ask. Insist.
  2. Local, national, or cross-border?
    What a local company is best at may differ from a company geared toward national moves. Ask what the mover’s specialty is. If a company handles various types of moves, be sure to have your questions ready:
    – Are there additional charges past a certain distance?
    – Do you hire day laborers or temps (important to know in order to determine experience and cost-effectiveness)
    – What fees are involved if the move is cross-border (different province or Canada-United States)?
  3. Be a bit of a detective
    There is zero shame in making sure your movers “check-out” with your standards. How do you think Ann found us? She was compelled to do research and discovered the company she should’ve been utilizing all along! Check social media, Google the company’s name and the word “complaint” to see what you can find. Pay attention to how the movers respond to good and bad feedback and review customer testimonies posted on their websites. This way, you’ll have a feel for what to expect and the integrity of the company.

Don’t make a poor decision like Ann did years ago! Be like Ann today! She learned from her mistake and made the smart decision to choose ABS Movers & Storage to assist her in her next move. We’ll see you soon!

ABS Movers & Storage | 17 Dora Ave Toronto, ON M6H 1J5 | (416) 588-1499