If you have ever moved with a pet, I salute you! It truly is its own battle, isn’t it? I remember relocating once from the States to right here in moving company in Toronto, ON with my two four and five year old cats in tow. One was terrified of the passing vehicles and scenery—the entire time—and felt most assured of his personal safety under my legs (which made driving a nightmare). The other had the time of his life every waking second of the trip. He perched himself on top of the driver’s-side headrest and sang at the top of his lungs each time a semi-truck or bird passed by.

So, cheers to those of you with fur babies who have moved or are preparing to move! But, what about after the move, when the moving company has finished their final unload and the reality of a new space is now your present reality? This transitional phase can be a tough one for dogs and cats alike. No matter how much they loved or hated the moving process, they just don’t understand what’s happening and where their familiar smells and sights have gone.

Though, there are six really helpful tips the team at ABS Movers & Storage want to give you to help your furry loved ones adjust. Check these out!

  1. Talk to your pet(s)
    They may not understand what you’re saying, but they do understand socializing and they will find comfort in your calm tones and company. Studies show animals feel included and loved when their owners chat with them often—so be talkative! Used words they’re familiar with and tones they associate with positivity.
  2. Give them their favorite items
    Just as with children (and, some of us adults), animals have comfort items, too. Couch cushions, pillows, a certain blanket or mat they claims as their own—these are all items with familiar smells (including theirs) which will comfort your pet in the new, strange space.
  3. Establish a routine ASAP
    Cats and dogs really depend on a daily routine. So, as soon as you arrive in your new home, seek to establish the routine they had before. This includes an eating schedule, a space to perch or sleep, etc.
  4. Prioritize them
    If you are able, arrange to spend the first several days with your animals to minimize his/her alone time. If you must return to work right away, spend extra time with them in prior to and immediately following work hours.
  5. Keep them safe
    Update identification collars, learn about potential risks in the new neighborhood (children, other dogs or cats roaming around, or environmental hazards). Building confidence in your dog—especially—could go a long way; so, introduce them to neighborhood pets when/if possible right away.
  6. Be patient and extra loving
    It is your job to minimize anxiety during this transitional time. Unpack sooner rather than later, hold off on inviting guests over until the animals seem comfortable in their new environment, and be gracious if there is a potty accident or another issue.

The team here at ABS Movers & Storage hopes you’ve found these 6 tips helpful and look forward to helping you with your future move!
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Moving is a significant expense, whether you choose to use a professional moving company like ABS Movers & Storage or not (though, it’s more expensive, in most cases, to do it without expert movers). That said, no one wants to add to the expenditures of moving by wasting good groceries in the fridge, pantry, and cupboards, too! As the days and weeks roll by and moving day fast approaches, I would like to offer you some advice regarding how to get the most from your already-purchased groceries so you don’t find yourself wasting them!

  1. Do a bit of inventory
    First, check out your fridge and freezer and see what side items, veggies, and proteins you have. Make a list. Next, survey your cupboards and pantry goods and make another list. From these two lists, you can match items that will make full meals and lunches. Be sure to make note of the items the must be used in the near future, so you’re sure to use those first.
  2. Embrace vegetarian ideas
    Bear with me, here. Most households stock up on canned goods, grains, pastas, and frozen vegetables. Instead of preparing the meat-centered meals you may be used to, consider creating some creative, vegetarian dishes from the pantry items you’ve found—so you have less to pack. Ideas:
  • Chili—made of beans, tomatoes, tomato paste, etc.
  • Vegetable stew—made of potatoes, carrots, corn, and broth.
  • Stir-fry—peppers, onions, garlic, carrots, broccoli, rice, etc.
  • Pasta salads—made of anything you can find to add to pasta and mayo or salad dressings.
  • Soups—tomato soup or broth-based with farro or rice and any canned vegetable will be tasty!
  • Quesadillas—use up the cheese you have in the fridge and add beans, corn, tomatoes, and other odds-and-ends veggies you have in surplus.
  • Casserole—use up beans, cream cheese, spinach, etc. and some of your boxed goods like cornmeal or flour.
  1. Donate what doesn’t work
    If there are any non-perishable items you’d be happy to part with or that will not work within the meal planner you’ve created, bring them to a local food bank or church to donate within your community. Items which are always welcome:
  • Canned meats (chicken, tuna, salmon)
  • Canned vegetables (corn, black beans, garbanzo beans, spinach, canned tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, bean salad, etc.)
  • Canned soups (chicken noodle, beef stew, tomato, butternut squash)
  • Boxed goods (pasta, rice, instant noodles, microwave popcorn)
  • Unopened seeds (sunflower, popcorn, sesame)
  1. Host a dinner party
    This is a good way to get rid of a large amount of food while connecting with loved ones. Who doesn’t love a night of wine, casserole or stew, and friendship? This also gives you a good excuse to spend time with friends before you move—especially if you’re moving far away.

The experts here at ABS Movers & Storage can help you with your moving company in Caledon, ON move whenever you’re ready! You just worry about cleaning out those grocery items and we’ll take care of the rest!

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Probably the most exciting part of moving into a new home is the fresh start you have in designing and decorating it just the way you want it. Plus, the newness of new spaces and extra rooms present a variety of possibilities! So, while you’re preparing for Moving Day with ABS Movers & Storage—your trusted Caledon and Toronto, ON moving company—here are a few useful approaches to getting the most out of your extra space!

Storage and Access
We all have items we don’t use regularly but, still, want and need. So, it is a good idea to create a space in your new home set apart just for these. Ideas can range from informal to highly regulated. Spaces often used for storage are among the following:

  • Large closets: shelving can be added, totes can be labeled and stowed up high.
  • Spare bedrooms: even rooms you plan to use for guests when they’re in town can be used for storage. There are fantastic organizational systems, shelves, filing cabinets, and even regular cabinetry you can add along two or three of the walls to stow holiday decorations, crafts, important documents, overflow shoes and clothing (like dress shoes and date-night apparel), bulk items, books, and photo albums.
  • Garages: perfect for keeping your tools, overflow canned goods, extra chairs for when you have guests over, and household cleaning materials. Remember: use the vertical space you have and hang tools, add cabinets for canned goods and drinks, etc.
  • Attics: though I’m a big fan of encouraging homeowners to utilize their attacks as usable space, they are also a perfect place to store seasonal items like seeds for the garden, hanging flower plants you have to take down during our cold Canada winters, heirlooms, large holiday décor, cots, etc.
  • Small office: this is another great room to add cabinets for important documents and logistics items.

Utilizing spaces in your home you don’t use on a daily basis is a smart way to free up space in other rooms to be used for their intended purposes. Cutting down on clutter means your bedrooms can be used for relaxing and sleeping, your living room can be used for daily gatherings with the family, and your garage can fit both cars in it!

Specialized and Dedicated Uses
Expand your creativity and choose to dedicate a room for something you’ve always wanted to have inside the home. Examples:

  • A home gym. Let’s face it—if it isn’t easy to access, you might talk yourself out of your fitness goals!
  • A game room. What a great way to connect with your family weekly!
  • A craft room or workshop. Are you artsy? Do you write? Developing your hobbies is easy when you have a dedicated space to do so.

We hope these use approaches to using the extra space in your new home come in handy one day soon! Remember to give the trusted professionals here at ABS Movers & Storage a call before your next move!

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There seem to be two camps of people when it comes to moving: those who insist on handling everything themselves and those who would rather handle nothing themselves. Which of these do you belong to?

I can tell you what I have learned about moving and attempt to convince you that one of these two camps is better than the other, sure. Or, I can outline the differences and allow you to decide. So, if you’re preparing to move one day soon—and especially if you live here in Vaughan, ON—keep reading!

Why the divide between using a moving company and going it alone?
As with most divisions, this one boils down to money. Those who prefer to handle moves entirely themselves will tell you they believe it is less costly because they “aren’t paying someone else’s salary.” Residents who prefer to hire professional movers will tell you that handling the move without professional help means “additional costs and the potential for an expensive claim.” Which is true?

The truth
There is truth in both sides, actually. Yes—moving entirely on your own does have the potential for cost-saving. But, saving isn’t a guarantee and there are often unforeseen costs, such as:

  • Additional insurance to protect the rental vehicle
  • Packing materials (boxes, tape, padding, insulation, foam, etc.)
  • Incorrect storage space in rental truck, forcing multiple trips
  • Multiple trips could snowball into additional pay for exceeding allotted miles and more fuel
  • Weather delays or traffic delays resulting in longer rental time for truck
  • Dolly rental
  • Additional trip to receive personally-owned vehicles
  • Potential medical bills for injuries during loading (this happens more than you think it would)
  • Damage to items/replacement or repairs
  • Benefits: the process and outcome feel more in your control, less dependence on others, the potential for less spending on move (as long as nothing unforeseen does not occur).
  • Negative aspects: greater potential for expensive and unforeseen fees, more time-intensive, less efficient, belongings are unprotected from potential damage costs.

Now, hiring a professional moving company in Vaughan, ON like ABS Movers & Storage will seemingly have higher upfront costs—but there’s nothing hidden about them; you know exactly what you’re paying for, based on your selected services:

  • Packing fees (should you choose to have this included with your move)
  • Materials fees (boxes, tape, etc.)
  • Loading and unloading fees
  • Difficult terrain charge (narrow/impossible drive or incline or structure preventing moving vehicle from parking near entry/exit, etc.)
  • Protection insurance for belongings and origin/destination structure
  • Benefits: more efficient, set fees, protection for belongings and structure from accidental damages, professional packing/loading (no work for you!).
  • Negative aspects: If you choose the wrong moving company, you could face an unpleasant experience and additional, unnecessary costs.

You see, the divide is about cost and about gambling/risk-taking. Ultimately, the experience you want to have is up to you: do you want to know exactly what to expect and a set amount before your move, or would you prefer to work harder, longer, and only possibly save yourself time and money? For me, the choice seems simple: choose ABS Movers & Storage.

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We all make mistakes. Often times, we knowingly and stubbornly make them and other times we make them out of pure ignorance. I’m writing to you regarding the latter: ignorance. Now, in my lifetime, I have moved at least 20 times. My line of work takes me all over Canada, most specifically across parts of Ontario every few years. I love the newness of a fresh beginning on a new street, in a new neighborhood, in a different structure—but I am acquainted with the stress of the moving process far too well. That is to say, for too long I handled my moves in all the wrong ways, making ignorant mistakes.

Here’s what I used to do…
Fifteen years ago a was just a single guy with few items beginning a new career in sales that would move me around quite a bit. I was excited and I was headstrong. That first move from my hometown to Vaughan, ON, should have been the easiest (I had so few things to my name)—but it was definitely the most difficult. I did everything myself. I packed, I loaded a truck that was too small to fit my small furniture, closet, and kitchen items, and I made several back-and-forth trips to retrieve load after load. Needless to say, I spent unnecessary funds on fuel and wasted an entire weekend just carting myself to and from each location. I began my new job that Monday (so I unpacked in tiny increments each evening) and lost sleep trying to find the right box for the exact shirt or pair of shoes I needed. I didn’t learn, though—not for another eight years or so. The next five moves were handled the exact same way. Eventually, I graduated to asking for some help. I enlisted a couple friends to help me load and unload for a couple moves, which cut my overall time spent in half (and saved my back from too much exertion). Still, I wouldn’t even consider looking into hiring professional movers. I was stubborn.

Why the resistance with movers?
I ask myself this whenever I think back on my wasted time and energy and my spent frustrations during all those moves. I wonder, too, when I hear other young men who find it “unnecessary” to hire pros. Usually, the resistance is based on the incorrect opinion that professionals “cost so much more than doing it oneself.” This just isn’t true. When I go back and add up the time, fuel cost, rental truck, and packaging materials—I was paying nearly the exact same or more.

What I’ve learned
I’ve learned that ABS Movers & Storage is the best moving company in Vaughan, Ontario. I’ve learned that a move can happen in one trip and that I can allow someone else to handle the packing and carrying of my belongings—and they’ll do it faster, safer, and more efficiently than I ever could. Most importantly, I’ve learned that moving can be easy and exciting.

Don’t make the same stubborn mistake I made for too many moves. Hire the professional movers at ABS Movers & Storage and experience a stress-free move!

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If I have learned anything throughout the course of my life here in Richmond Hills, ON, it’s that I am a true right-brainer. I not only do not like checklists or organization or spreadsheets or schedules—using them makes me ill, bordering on angry. I mean it! My preferences include spontaneity, colours, and heavy interaction with others. These things are where I derive energy from.

What’s my point? Okay, I’m getting to it. The point here is that the world is full of all kinds of people. We go through similar experiences and we have different approaches to them, based on our personalities. As a right-brain thinker, I’d like to share with you a couple things to encourage you (if you identify with my disdain for organizational tasks), so when the time comes for you to experience a move, you experience a stress-free process.

Moving takes a lot of organizational energy
I’m going to repeat this: moving takes a lot of organizational energy from you. If your personality is one to naturally resist systematic planning, if you tend toward procrastination, or if the idea of beginning to pack makes you desperate for assistance, the moving process will take a lot out of you if you’re doing it without professional assistance. If you live in this area, I recommend the professionals at ABS Movers & Storage. This moving company  in Richmond Hills, ON has been around for a long time and they can handle ANY type of move: near, far, local, emergency moves, and last-minute. If you need storage, they’ve got you. If you want your things packed and physically loaded onto the truck for you, they’ve got you covered! Breathe that sigh of relief…

Invite friends over
Prior to your move, you will need to do some purging and organizing to help your ABS movers more swiftly pack for you. See how I assumed you’d want someone else to pack for you? So, about one or two weeks prior to your move, invite over a couple close friends, order a few pizzas, ask them to keep you focused on the task at hand, and make a day out of a Purging Party. Veto clothing you haven’t worn in more than a year or doesn’t fit and throw it in a pile. If your friends want any of those items, give them first-dibs and then donate the rest. Any kitchenware you don’t use can be donated as well. Make it your personal goal to fill your trunk at least once with Purge Items. While you purge, be sure like items are where they belong: kitchen with kitchen, clothing together, wall décor taken down and grouped, books together, etc. *Note: for take-apart furniture, it is best for you to dismantle ahead of moving day.

If you’ve gleaned anything from this short article, I hope it’s this: moving doesn’t have to be terrible, the pros at ABS Movers & Storage are wonderful and will make it easier on you, and organizing is much easier with camaraderie and pizza. Give ABS a call!


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Most articles about moving and the utilization of professional movers focus almost exclusively on residential moves. This is largely due to the fact that many, many moving companies do not include business moves. But, there is a growing number of those who own small businesses across Canada and they often require the same services as the rest of us, including business owners here in Richmond Hills, ON.

As small businesses grow, they often grow out of their office space. Exciting, yes. Stressful, also yes. A lot of change comes with growth, which can add to the complexities of maintaining a successful increase in profit and rapport. Worrying about how to safely, efficiently, and economically handling a move—what should feel like an exciting upgrade—should not be a factor. ABS Movers & Storage can help you with this.

For decades, our professional movers in Richmond Hill, ON have successfully handled both residential and business moves for people in the Richmond Hill area and across Toronto. It is our pleasure to take on as much or as little of the scope of your move as you desire:

  • Packing
  • Providing packaging materials
  • Storing
  • Transporting large/valuable items
  • Emergency moves
  • Last-minute moves
  • Short distances
  • Long distances

Why you can trust the professionals at ABS with your office move
Regardless of the type of move and services you need, it is often difficult to entrust someone else with your belongings. Here are a few reasons you can feel assured ABS is the right choice for your business move:

  • Years of experience. ABS has been around since 1988; our reputation and work ethic have kept us successful with residents and business owners across Ontario.
  • Background checks. We know your belongings are precious, so we take extra precautions when it comes to ensuring your items are in good hands from start to finish. Thorough background checks and stringent hiring processes of our professionals are large parts of protecting your valuables.
  • Professional training. Moving others’ cherished belongings is a learned skill. There are far too many moving companies out there which hire inexperienced and untrained staff, putting your things in jeopardy. Here at ABS, our professional movers go through a training process to learn how to safely and delicately handle your move.
  • Protection for your belongings. In the rare and unfortunate event your items are damaged (traffic accident, hard stop, shifting in transit, dropped, etc.) or should there be any damaged caused to your structure (origin or destination), ABS will take appropriate actions to reimburse, repair, and/or replace.
  • Expert experience in office moves. Office moves do differ from residential moves—they often involve heavier, more expensive items, and a lot of electronic materials. Again, our pros know how to get the job done well.

If you are looking for assistance with your small business move, give our team here at ABS Movers & Storage a call! We look forward to assisting you!

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There is just a ton of information out there to help you prepare for a move. They include how to pack, how to label, how to choose the right moving company in Markham, Ontario, and how to cut costs before and during the whole transition. If you are moving in the near future—check out those articles; they’re helpful. (There are many helpful articles for you here)

But, what about after the move is over and you’re settling into your new space. It can take a while for a new house or apartment to feel like yours. It doesn’t have to! Check out these tips and tricks from our crew here at ABS Movers & Storage—we know how to help you turn your new space into the homey environment you can call yours!

  1. Make it functional
    It will inevitably take you some time to figure out where everything should go—but try to get yourself set up for function immediately. Find ways to incorporate items you use daily into your everyday design. Examples:
  • If you’re a home chef, put your most used utensils on display in colorful trays or oversized jars; this will look great as décor!
  • If you tend to procrastinate on weekly chores, like laundry, don’t put your hamper in the closet—get a decorative one to sit out in your room so you are constantly aware when it’s full (and thus, more encouraged to handle it!).
  • Become a fan of bins and totes. I swear by these. When I moved here to Markham, ON, I finally adopted the bins/totes theme in my home. Everything has a place and all of it is easily accessible to me!
  1. Consider your [future] guests!
    Nothing says, “welcome to my home like a welcoming front step. Add a couple LED lights along the path or small flower pots to display how cozy you want your guests to feel!
  2. Choose a personality for each room
    Or, tie the rooms together somehow—if your personal style is one of minimalism and cohesion. Choose a couple bold patterns to designate one room from the next and get some paint on the wall as soon as you can. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to accept the drab cream (or whatever color) that was chosen by the previous owner/tenant.
  3. Create a slightly lived-in look
    No one wants to live in a museum, so don’t be afraid to allow your space to appear lived in. Statistics show that if your space doesn’t actually look like you live there, you actually won’t want to! Display your hobbies and embrace the mis-matchy furniture style by purchasing/collecting as you go!

When it’s time for you to move, give the pros at ABS Movers & Storage a call. Whether you’re moving just across town to Markham, downtown Toronto, or a long-haul move—we want to be your go-to moving company!

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If you are currently renting and also preparing to move, there are a few things you should consider doing prior to your movers showing up—and they involve making your landlord happy.

First, let’s discuss why making your landlord happy is important. For starters, it’s just good karma. Leaving the space you once resided in better than you left it is just good practice and it sets a precedence in your life that you can be proud of. Further, if there was any kind of security deposit made when you moved in, following these six steps will help you earn it back!

  1. Empty all closets, cabinets, shelves, etc.
    Leaving anything behind just means someone else has to clean it up and make a decision regarding what to do with it for you. That’s not only disrespectful, it’s lazy. And, there’s a strong possibility you’ll be charged by the hour for the time it took the apartment to clean/clear out your left-behind belongings. Even if you intend to throw everything away from within the cabinets, do it—don’t make someone else do it.
  2. Patch up the walls
    Whether your hung pictures with nails, screws, or adhesive, be sure to clean up the walls before you go. Spackle/putty is extremely inexpensive and very easy to use to cover almost any size hole. If you used any adhesive, be sure to clean-up the residue if any is left on the surface (a bit of lemon juice works well for this).
  3. Clean up well!
    Clean your apartment or rental home with this goal in mind: I am going to make this place even more spotless than it was the day I moved in! This mindset should help you earn every bit of your deposit back. Remember to get everywhere:
  • Kitchen sink and cabinets
  • Toilet and bathtub
  • All walls and windows
  • Mirrors
  • Baseboards
  • Balcony/patio
  • All floors—carpeted and linoleum/hardwood
  • Dust the tops of window frames and ceiling fans
  • The insides of the refrigerator and behind it
  • Stove, oven, and behind it.
  • Pay special attention to any lingering odors; enzyme cleaner is excellent at removing those.
  1. Double-check your lease agreement
    There may be a few details you don’t remember from back when you originally signed your lease agreement. Who really reads those? Now is the time. Before you move, comb through your lease and be completely clear on the landlord’s expectations.
  2. Return your keys in person
    Unless you are unable to do so, deliver your keys back to your landlord in person. There’s a niceness to handling transitions face-to-face that has been lost in modern culture.

The professional movers at ABS Movers & Storage want your move to be a successful one! Do you live in the Markham, Brampton, or Toronto, ON, area? We’re just around the corner! For more tips like these and for affordable price quotes on your next move—give our Toronto, Ontario moving team a call! We would love to help you with your next move!

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Moving out on your own is an exciting adventure. Your new home and new destination is alive with possibilities for your future and stands there, waiting for you as a blank canvas ready for you to design it. Where will you go—across the city or across the country? What colours will you choose for your new walls and what old belongings will you part with?

With the right preparations and the right mindset—you can make your moving experience a good one. In fact, you can avoid the stigma the prospect of moving typically bears: stressful, overwhelming, expensive…

The team here at ABS Movers & Storage has handled a lot—I mean, A LOT—of moves for people all over Woodbridge, Toronto, Brampton, and other parts of Ontario. We know what we’re talking about when it comes to moving and choosing a reliable mover in Toronto, Ontario, so we’ve gone ahead and created a list of the Top 10 Tried and True Moving Tips to help prepare for moving day!

  1. Use the MoSCoW Method
    This method was developed for business people in management positions—but it has been adopted and adapted for all sorts of organization practices! Here is an example of a version of this method you should ABSOLUTELY use prior to moving:
  • Must keep: obvious items like toiletries, basic tools (unless you have doubles), computers and technical products, work clothing you wear on a regular basis, important documents, essential clothing items (undergarments).
  • Could keep: clothing you wear sometimes or once in a while, movies, books, etc.
  • Don’t need/won’t keep: clothing you haven’t worn in so long you forgot you owned them, books you have read and will never again, artwork you’ve grown out of, etc.

Now, go back through your “could keep” pile and take an honest inventory of the items. If you really will wear it or use it again, you can move it into the “must keep” pile. Trust us—this system helps. As for the “don’t need/won’t keep” pile, donate and gift as much as you can (you’ll feel great about it!) and trash the rest.

  1. Use small boxes for heavy items
    Whether you’re moving your own belongings or a moving company is handling this for you—everyone’s backs and hamstrings will be grateful for your thoughtfulness.
  2. Pack absolute necessities in a clear box
    Finding the items you need most will be much, much easier.
  3. Take a picture of the backside of your electronics
    This will save you the headache of trying to remember how to set up your game system, television, DVD player, etc.
  4. Buy a box of sandwich bags
    You read that correctly. Sandwich bags are useful for small parts like bolts, screws, and nuts from disassembled furniture. Labels, remotes, all the little things that so easily get lost—sandwich and freezer bags are life savers!

Let moving be an exciting adventure—use these moving tips from ABS Movers & Storage and you’ll have the smooth-sailing experience you hoped for!

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